About Us

We’re much more than just another Hot Shot Trucking Company 


As an Expedited Hot Shot Trucking company, here at HotShotTrucking.com we take immense pride in providing fast, effective and dependable freight services across North America. It all begins with our daily commitment to excellence and professionalism. We approach each and every job with the ultimate sense of responsibility; caring for the safety of your freight, adherence to your schedule and understanding the urgency of your Hot Shot Delivery. We put our experience to work constantly by bringing versatile and flexible solutions which provide you with the peace of mind needed to effectively focus on running your business. Our dedication is ingrained with the knowledge that the provision of the best in hot shot delivery services is an important task that you’re entrusting us with.


It’s our extensive experience, proven results and expedited solutions which have allowed us to provide unrivaled Hot Shot Trucking services. Our processes, along with expert customer service, state-of-the-art satellite tracking plus our network of drivers numbering in the thousands allow us to haul loads of all weights, dimensions, distance and schedule. Just as importantly, we like to think that handling hot shot freight each and every day helps to make us experts within the industry, keeping our finger on the pulse of the hot shot transportation market.


HotShotTrucking.com’s Benefits


  • We work according to your schedule. Whether you need freight delivered before 8 AM or need our drivers to pick-up, hold or deliver your loads at a specific time, our despatch will ensure shipments arrive on-time, every time without failure. Our belief and your trust in our reliability brings you dependable services and results.
  • You will never need to wonder when your hot shot loads will be picked-up or delivered. With 24/7 customer support, satellite tracking and expeditors personally overseeing each load, we will alert you via telephone and email of any unforeseen delay.
  • Thousands of team and expedited drivers, over 50,000 vehicles and several transportation options mean we can accommodate any load size or schedule no matter where you are located.
  • Our solutions are perfectly tailored for energy production; whether you operate crude oil, natural gas, drilling, fracking or refinery operations, we have the capacity to deliver your parts, machinery and equipment. In addition we’re well versed with heavy goods, construction equipment and the automotive sector.


Hot Shot Trucking Services


  • Hot Shot Trucking to ensure freight of any size is delivered on-time, every time
  • Hot Shot Delivery at the local, regional and national levels
  • Full Truckload to ensure reliable, time-sensitive delivery


HotShotTrucking.com was founded by Dan Boaz and is committed to your business’ success and as your trusted Hot Shot Trucking company, we will work to maintain unrivaled service and ensure on-time delivery. We hope that you’ll experience our service by calling 800-713-1000 or completing our quick quote form for more information and if you have any questions we’ll always be glad to help.