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"hot shot trucking to the rescue!" DAVID ROSSETTI - HONEYWELL

Hot Shot Trucking


Our extensive hot shot delivery & urgent freight expertise helps industries ranging from energy, automotive, steel and construction.

Hot Shot Trucking

Hot Shot Delivery


We’re ready to help whether you need your hot shot freight shipped across the state or 3,000 miles across the nation via dedicated truck or van.

Hot Shot Delivery

Full Truckload


We bring you the benefits of our full network of thousands of team and expedited drivers, coupled with a wide range of transport options.

Full Truckload

Hot Shot Trucking Locations


Our expert team of customer service professionals & tracking systems are on hand 24/7 to ensure your hot shot shipment arrives on-time each and every time.

Hot Shot Locations

About Hot Shot Trucking

You seek a dedicated freight company that truly understands the importance of hot shot freight delivery – whether your hot shot truck needs to travel 300 miles today or a critical industrial part requires immediate hot shot shipping to the other side of the country. Nothing less than a reliable and timely solution helps you meet the objectives of your business. 

You need a trusted partner able to deliver your hot shot freight on time each and every time with services that are supported by genuine professionalism and specific hot shot trucking industry expertise. All of these and more will be met by Hot Shot Trucking, we are uniquely positioned to assist with all of your hot shot service needs regardless of the size and destination and we couple that with our commitment to providing an outstanding level of customer service. We specialize in providing Hot Shot Trucking services nationwide and around the clock. 

Single Point of Contact 

Each of our customers are provided with a single point of contact throughout the lifespan of your confirmed shipment, from the quote, to booking, overseeing the delivery throughout and even invoicing. We are committed to manage your hot shot trucking job professionally with dedication while taking a partnership approach to the safe and timely arrival of your hot shot freight shipment.  Our consistency, dedication to customer satisfaction and taking the time to truly understand your hot shot needs set us apart in the industry.  

At Hot Shot Trucking we support the same industries where you work and know exactly what is required to provide great results for your business. The effective transportation of urgent parts and machinery is exactly the arena in which we specialize; dedicated freight, urgent freight, direct LTL freight and overnight transportation are the hot shot loads that our experienced team manage daily for our customers nationwide. Our comprehensive delivery network covers all of the USA and Canada and our fleet of drivers and logistics experts are ready to help you today.

Rapid dispatch for your urgent freight 

Typically we're able to have a vehicle heading to you within moments of contacting us to collect your hot shot freight and enable you to meet your critical trucking deadlines. Whether you require a van, straight truck or flatbed we have the resources ready to help supported by our team of professional hot shot expeditors who manage hot shot shipments every day of the week. 

For industry leading hot shot services that support the energy, automotive and construction sectors you need look no further than hotshottrucking.com. Our success is tied to your satisfaction and we welcome the opportunity to provide our comprehensive hot shot services via our fleet of expedited trucks, sprinter vans, flatbeds and full truckloads.

To find out more and receive a detailed quote please call 800-713-1000 or complete our quick quote form to get started. We look forward to providing your company with the very best in hot shot trucking services.

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