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Air Cargo
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Are you looking for a trustworthy expedited carrier for your shipments in the U.S., Canada or Mexico?

Air Cargo being loaded

Then you can rely on Hot Shot Trucking to be an integral part of your supply chain!

When you manufacture or deliver parts or products, it’s critical that both your raw materials and end products are delivered intact, on time and within budget. Hot Shot Trucking air cargo services ensures that everything you need to transport gets where it needs to be — when it needs to be there. What’s more: Thanks to our attention to detail, you can depend on us to handle your express deliveries with the utmost care. That way, your goods always arrive at their destination in the same pristine condition as they left their point of origin.

Whether you need a specialized part to meet a design deadline for a prototype or have a customer that wants a shipment within the next 24 hours, we put our expertise and extensive network of express air carriers to work for you so you never have to worry. And that means you can focus on what you do best — your core business.

Customized Air Freight

At Hot Shot Trucking, we offer top quality air freight and air cargo services to strengthen your supply chain, enabling you to expand your delivery timetables to better meet your customers’ needs.

We’re more than just an express air carrier — in addition to handling your shipments with the utmost precision, we also care about your experience with our services.

We provide you with one single point of contact for your entire shipping process with us. Whenever you have any questions or want an update, your dedicated expediter is there to address your concerns. Imagine how much time and energy you’ll save when you can cut out the hassle of being bounced from one department to the next, having to explain your situation again and again!

Our Expert Team Is Dedicated to Your Success:

Team of experts
Our team of experts is made up of experienced professionals who understand all the ins and outs of air cargo shipping — and who are ready to learn about your business needs, too.
Private Jet in the sky
Because in addition to delivering your shipment on time, we want to deliver satisfaction so we can build a strong business partnership with you that will last long after your products reach their destination.

Solving Air Cargo Challenges

We cater to all sizes of shipments, from large to small. Your dedicated expediter will discuss the specifics of your shipment and desired delivery date with you and then match the shipment with the perfect aircraft for your purposes. This reduces waste and limits costs.

If you have a next day delivery deadline, our overnight freight services are the best option. For your most time-critical shipments that need to get to their destination within 24 hours, choose our same day air freight services. And if there’s no scheduled flight available within your desired time range, don’t worry: We offer dedicated air charter services precisely for these types of situations. With a charter flight, your shipment will be the only cargo on board, ensuring extra care and precise punctuality.

Note that we also provide dedicated trucking services, so you can also choose a combination of top of the line ground and air cargo services. Whether you need a flatbed, small van or team driving solution, we put together the solutions you need to get your shipments delivered on time — no matter where in North America the point of origin and the destination are.

All of our ground carriers are specifically selected based on a track record of excellence. That means that you can count on the same top-quality service on the ground as you can in the air.

Of course, we also provide you with comprehensive quotes, since we understand that accuracy is critical when it comes to making a decision regarding expedited air delivery. That way, we can ensure that you have the best possible customer experience throughout the entire ordering and shipping process.

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Benefits of Our Air Cargo Services

When you have time-critical shipments that can’t wait, you need priority air freight you can depend on.

At Hot Shot Trucking, our expedited air services offer the following distinct benefits:

Airplane being loaded with cargo


All of our staff adhere to the strictest safety guidelines and rules to ensure every shipment arrives at its destination intact. After all, you can’t use damaged supplies, and your customers won’t pay for broken products. Our stringent safety standards ensure that your shipment receives the care it deserves, which in turn helps your business run smoothly so your customers are fully satisfied.

Plane traveling fast


We understand that your business depends on the timely delivery of goods and products. That’s why we maximize speed at every step of each shipment’s journey, including the ground transportation to and from airports and of course the flights themselves. We do this by investing in the best vehicles and aircraft, as well as ensuring they’re properly maintained. In addition, our knowledgeable expediters are trained to find the fastest route for each shipment in order to minimize the time it spends in transit.

Person on the phone


We understand that you’re busy and don’t have the time to navigate your way through complex shipping orders. For this reason, we’ve made purchasing our air cargo services and ground services as easy as possible. All of our solutions are presented transparently, with a straightforward pay structure and detailed delivery information. We also offer a top of the line customer care department that's available to answer your questions whenever needed. As a result, both prospective and current clients can easily select the specific transportation solution that best suits their requirements.

Support team working


We know you don’t have time to do an extensive internet search for the best air cargo and express air shipping services. That’s why our customer service department is specifically set up to provide you with clear and comprehensive answers to all of your questions. Furthermore, we’ve acquired a selection of related domain names, so it’s easy to find our online resources immediately, regardless of whether you need same day air services, overnight freight services — or some other kind of air cargo services.

Features of Our Air Cargo Services

Because we understand that selecting the right air cargo service for your business isn’t something to take lightly, we’ve designed our services to include the following features.

Our services include:


Transparent Quotes

When it’s time to decide which expedited air services to select, you need to understand exactly what’s included in their offerings. That’s why our quotes are both comprehensive and transparent so you can see exactly what each individual aspect costs and what you’re getting for the price.
Man looking at computer screens focusing

Single Point of Contact

Other shipping companies have customer service departments that often hand you off from one agent to the next until you find someone who can help you. With Hot Shot Trucking, you’re assigned a single dedicated expediter from the moment you first request a quote. This professional will then be available to help you throughout the entire process of setting up your shipment and tracking it while it’s in transit — and even all the way to the payment of the invoice.

Door-to-Door Shipping

While we provide top of the line air cargo services, we also provide ground transportation to and from the airport if you need it. Simply let your dedicated expediter know where your point of origin and final destination are, as well as the nature and size of your shipment. He or she will then help you select the most time and cost efficient method of transportation.

Dependable Fleet

Part of our promise of top-quality service is the fact that we use a highly reliable fleet made up of robust vehicles and aircraft that are built to withstand even the most challenging weather conditions. In addition, we make sure that all vehicles are always in the best possible shape so shipments won’t be delayed due to equipment malfunctions or failure.
Airplane flight tracking

Real-Time Satellite Tracking

Have you ever wanted to let a customer know exactly when a shipment would arrive, but not had the ability to do so? With our real-time satellite tracking, that’s a thing of the past. Simply ask your expediter where exactly in transit the shipment is, and you’ll know its precise location. And that in turn makes it easier to schedule production times and other delivery deadlines.



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Choose Air Cargo Services From Hot Shot Trucking

If you want a white glove expedited air services experience, choose air cargo services from Hot Shot Trucking. We go the extra mile to ensure you have a superior customer experience with us every time you work with us. That way, you never have to worry about the safety or timely delivery of your shipments — just let us do the work for you!

For more information or to schedule a delivery, please contact us today at (800) 604-2511. Our team of experts is standing by to address all of your shipping needs — and to exceed your expectations!

For more information, please contact us at (800) 604-2511.

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