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Kentucky's plentiful resources have played a key role in driving America's growth and innovation. Today, the Bluegrass State produces roughly 434,000 barrels per day between just three oil refineries; in addition to the natural gas, drilling and fracking operations throughout the state. This level of activity makes comprehensive Hot Shot Trucking services crucial to Kentucky's energy production industry.

Hot Shot Trucking Kentucky

Hot Shot Trucking Kentucky Selecting the ideal hotshot trucking partner is an important decision and one that we understand can greatly impact the success of your business. You need a hot shot courier and express trucking service that will always get the job done and has the expertise to handle your deliveries on schedule and on demand, you need solutions backed by experience in your field and superb logistics management. In short, you need the services of an urgent freight professional.

We put our reputation behind every hot shot shipment we manage and encourage you to read testimonials from our customers to see the dedication and professionalism we will bring to all of your hotshot trucking loads proudly serves Kentucky with Hot Shot Delivery solutions you can count on. We offer a network of team and expedited drivers numbering in the thousands as well as several dedicated transport options to accommodate hotshot loads of any shape, size and distance. You can trust your urgent freight to us whether it needs to travel a few hundred miles or clear across the nation – we're equipped to handle all types of hot shot loads, hotshot trucking is our daily business speciality.

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Expedited Hot Shot Trucking Services in Kentucky Include:

  • Same Day Delivery
  • Expedited Trucking
  • Expedited Freight Shipping
  • Air Charter & Air Freight
  • Local & Regional Delivery Full Truckload | Kentucky

When you work with, you receive 24/7-customer support, access to our tracking system and service that is virtually without limitation. We have no weight limits; dedicated transportation capacity to accommodate hot shot loads of all sizes and local, plus regional and national delivery.

Hot Shot Trucking Services Kentucky provides Hot Shot Shipping services for the following Kentucky oil refineries (including, but not limited to):

  • Catlettsburg Refinery (Marathon Petroleum Company) – Catlettsburg, KY
  • HDG International Group Refinery – Perry, KY
  • Somerset Refinery (Continental Refining) – Somerset, KY

Discover the speed and versatility of We're looking forward to the opportunity to help, please get started with an online urgent freight quote today.

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