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Hot Shot Trucking Maine
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Operating throughout North America, we organize emergency ground deliveries into Maine from any location. With our fleet of affiliated vans, trucks, and trailers, we’ll select the perfect vehicle for your order and bring it to you at the fastest legal speed.

Maine Urgent Hot Shot Trucking

Famous for its lobsters, Maine is often associated with commercial fishing, and certainly that industry does play a key role in the local economy. But the Pine Tree State’s economic mix goes far beyond ground fishing and lobster trapping. It is also home to Portland, one of the East Coast’s most important ports, as well as a thriving inland agricultural industry that produces everything from blueberries to potatoes to maple syrup to dairy. The presence of Naval Air Station Brunswick, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, and the Bath Iron Works also make Maine a major center of shipbuilding, cementing its role as a maritime powerhouse. HotShotTrucking.com offers this maritime powerhouse the ground connections it needs to stay strong.

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Hot Shot Trucking’s Streamlined Process

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Single point of contact

Work with the same expeditor during your shipment’s entire process–no annoying call centers!

shipment-to-vehicle matching system

We carefully match the size and weight of your shipment to the right vehicle.

Vetted & exclusive carriers

We work with vetted, experienced carriers, so you get one vehicle for the entire delivery process exclusive.
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real-time monitoring & alerts

Our GPS tracking technology lets us know exactly where your shipment is at all times.

Types of Vehicles


Critical Hot Shot Truck Cargo Handling for Maine

Hot Shot Trucking Maine

Maine Shipping Challenges

Maine’s many economic activities each present their own ground shipping challenges. The maritime trade and fishing sectors, for instance, depend on there being vehicles available to quickly reach the docks, load up what are often highly perishable goods, and ship them inland. Likewise, Maine’s inland agriculture industry depends on large, regular delivery of pesticides, fertilizers, irrigation equipment, and a host of other products to farms that are often far away from major highways; if the back roads that serve some of these farms become clogged or broken, logistical chaos can ensue.

HotShotTrucking.com excels at restoring order to chaos. Our team has spent more than a decade coordinating deliveries in Maine, and we know all the bottlenecks in each of its communities. Our extensive knowledge means we can identify an alternate route with ease and get your supplies on a quick, reliable path to your business.

Hot Shot Trucking Company Maine

Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

One of the most terrifying parts of an emergency delivery is the period when your items are in transit. This is especially true in more rural states like Maine, where much of the drive will occur along routes far from major cities. Rather than expect you to just wait and hope while your items are on their way, HotShotTrucking.com offers you an easy way to get detailed updates. Simply call our single point of contact (SPOC), and you can speak directly with the ground coordination professionals who are handling your order. These experts will use our advanced tracking technology to tell you the precise location of your items at the moment you call; they can also look ahead to the rest of the route and tell you how much time and distance remains. Our SPOC is also beneficial to prospective customers, who can call the same point for a detailed rundown on all the different services we offer.

Hot Shot Trucking Service Maine

Concierge-Level Customer Service

Walking you through all the services we offer is just one of the ways HotShotTrucking.com empowers our clients. We want you to feel fully in control throughout the expediting process, which is why we adopt a concierge approach to our strategy. When you first call, we explain all the different options there are for bringing your supplies to you when you need them, and then explain the pros and cons of each. We may have suggestions about which one best fits your needs, but ultimately, the choice is up to you. Similarly, when you call for updates about your order, we not only let you know where it is and how much distance remains, but also whether any disruptions have happened that require route changes. Here, too, you can make the final decision on how we complete the order.

Sprinter Vans

For shipments that occur within Maine or come from its neighboring states, the best vehicle is often a sprinter van. This is particularly true when the order is small in volume and weight, meaning a single van can carry it while making a single trip. HotShotTrucking.com has incorporated numerous sprinter vans into our network. These small, nimble vehicles can navigate even the most congested roads with ease, getting out of traffic quickly and continuing to your destination. The sprinter vans also come in a variety of sizes, allowing us to match one to the volume of your order as part of our full truckload strategy. Our network includes vans with refrigeration, ideal for Maine’s farmers and other businesses that work with perishable supplies. And the experienced, courteous drivers in our network know how to keep all items safe while loading, unloading, and driving the vans.

Sprinter Vans Maine

Straight Trucks

For items that have to pass over a greater distance, it’s often better to have a larger vehicle, especially when the volume and weight of the items is greater than what a single sprinter van can hold. Accordingly, the HotShotTrucking.com network includes a fleet of straight trucks. Also known as box trucks, these vehicles can traverse long routes in short order, traveling at the fastest lawful speed to Maine. We keep them running quickly and safely by monitoring them while they’re on their way, using the most advanced tracking equipment to follow their position. If any new obstacles develop in the route ahead, we’ll find an alternate route, contact the driver, and guide them onto that route. In this way, we minimize the chances of delay.

Straight Trucks Maine

53ft Dry Vans

For the largest cargo orders, a 53ft dry van or tractor-trailer is likely the vehicle that you need. HotShotTrucking.com has many of these in our network, available in a wide range of locations. When we receive an order that requires this kind of vehicle, we’ll find a dry van that is the perfect size for your cargo and a short drive away from your starting point. We’ll dispatch the vehicle to that starting point without skipping a beat; the driver will reach it, load up the dry van, and head right for your destination. We’ll then engage in the same route management to keep your items traveling swiftly and safely to your Maine destination.

53 foot Dry Vans Maine

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