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Known as the Bread Basket of Canada, Saskatchewan produces much of the nation’s wheat, barley, peas, oatmeal, and other key crops.

The province’s agricultural leadership extends beyond merely growing food to processing it, packaging it, and researching methods to grow it more effectively. Hot Shot Trucking serves every stage in this process, feeding families throughout Canada with Saskatchewan’s bountiful harvest.

Hot Shot Service in Saskatchewan

Hot Shot Trucking Saskatchewan Agricultural shipments are among the most difficult deliveries to make. Compared to most manufactured goods, food products cease to be marketable if they arrive too late, as even the suggestion of spoilage makes stores unwilling to stock them.Specialized equipment can preserve food en route, but that raises the cost of shipping outside of many clients' price range. Shipping is particularly challenging in Saskatchewan, as the province’s farmers and processing facilities often ship their products thousands of kilometers across Canada.

Hot Shot Trucking is neither a stranger to challenge nor new to shipping across long distances. We have long served Saskatchewan’s farmers and food processors, delivering their products with time to spare.

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These rapid, affordable deliveries are the result of our shipping strategy, which maximizes speed and minimizes cost through:

  • Dedicated Trucking - When you place an order with Hot Shot Trucking, we devote a vehicle specifically to it. This means you won’t have to share space with other clients or wait for someone else’s order to arrive before yours get there. Dedicated shipping is particularly valuable to agricultural producers because it allows us to install specialty storage equipment, thus keeping foods perfectly preserved until they reach their destination.
  • Team Driving - Hot Shot Trucking balances speed with safety by requiring two drivers to occupy each truck on distant deliveries. This way, when one driver gets too tired, the other can take over, allowing both to rest between shifts. Our vehicles are thus able to stay on the road at night without sacrificing safety.
  • Vehicle Maintenance - Our service specialists keep all Hot Shot trucks in full working order through regular inspections, repairs, and upgrades. As a result, our trucks rarely break down en route, thus saving you from delays. Such maintenance also improves fuel economy, thereby lowering prices while preserving the environment.
  • North American Network - Hot Shot Trucking has coverage and vehicles in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, as well as in most major cities in the United States. Thus wherever you are shipping from, we have vehicles nearby and can pick up the order only two hours after you have filed it.
  • Vehicle Sizing - We have a fleet of 10,000 Hot Shot shipping vehicles of various sizes. These include standard straight trucks, sprinter vans, and tractor trailers. We match each order with a truck of equivalent payload size so that you do not have to pay for excess space.

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Hot Shot Trucking Services Saskatchewan

Hot Shot Trucking provides a consistent source of contact at every stage of the delivery. Whether you need to place a new order, add instructions for an ongoing one, or request updates, we will provide them at any hour. For more information or a free quote, visit our website today.

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