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Same Day Air
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Same Day Air | Air Freight Services

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Need a product, items or a shipment delivered immediately?

Like, as in the same day? Then same day air expedited transportation is likely the delivery method that you’ll need to take to ensure deadlines are met and your operations stay on track.

There are times when a one-day ground delivery just won’t cut it. There are times when your business absolutely needs something to be delivered to its destination on the same day, regardless of cost or logistics. When those needs arise, we shine.

Types of Same Day Air

It’s this role as a premiere same day air provider that has helped us become one of the most trustworthy and prominent delivery services in all of North America. We’ll bend over backwards to help our customers get their products where they need to go when they need to get there. You can trust us, as we check all of the boxes — and more — when it comes to exceptional service and performance. This page will take a closer look at the types of and benefits of same day air, as well as what factors you want to look for in a quality, credible same day air provider.

There are two types of same day air expedited delivery: scheduled and unscheduled. As you might expect, scheduled same day air is that which has been already planned and where an aircraft has already been scheduled to take a shipment to its destination. It’s an ideal option for companies that know when a certain part order or product run will be completed, as they can schedule delivery immediately after it’s finished. But we know that not all air delivery can be scheduled. Some of it is more unexpected and immediate. That's where unscheduled same day air services may become necessary. Unscheduled same day air is when a company needs to ship an item or make a delivery that hasn’t been previously accounted for. While it may be possible to deliver these items via an already scheduled aircraft that’s going to the destination, unscheduled same day air deliveries may require a chartered plane to move product quickly enough.

Regardless of whether you need same day scheduled or same day unscheduled expedited air delivery, there are several key benefits associated with this method of delivery. We'll get to those in the next section.


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Benefits of Same Day Air Delivery

Delivery on the same day without compromise — that's what you're getting with same day air delivery. Here's a look at the key benefits associated with this expedited transporation method:

Plane at high altitude

It’s the Fastest Delivery Method Out There Today

You could risk your items arriving on time by arranging for next-day freight or overnight trucking. Or, you could ensure they get there on time by putting them on a plane and sending them 30,000 feet into the air, far above rush hour traffic, to get to their destination within hours — not days. Yes, with air travel, you may risk delays from time to time. But generally if a plane is delayed, deliveries still can arrive on time by either placing them on another aircraft or making up time while the plane is in the air via the jet stream. No form of expedited transportation can top the speed of same day air.

Airplane engine up close

It’s Safe and Reliable

Not to steal a line from the DC comic book hero Superman, but he’s got a point when he says that air travel is still the safest method of transportation. Couple this with the fact that planes don’t have to worry about traffic jams or rush hour traffic to put them behind delivery schedules, and these factors too can all add up to a successful on-time delivery. When it comes to deliveries, on time delivery is just as important as a safe delivery — and air delivery can accomplish both.e.


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How to Find a Good Same Day Air Transportation Company

Not all companies that offer same day air delivery are created equal.

Here's a closer look at how to distinguish the quality, credible providers from all the others:

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It’s a Specialty Service

Same day air delivery isn’t something that every transportation company can do — and even those who do perform it don’t necessarily perform it well. We’re one of the exceptions to this offering, as we work to prioritize your shipment and treat it with utmost importance. After all, we know it’s how our customers think of such deliveries. It's our duty to think of them in the same way.

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Value-added Service

How does the transportation company you’re working with handle pickup? Do they expect you to deliver the items you need transported to the airport or will they come and get them for you and take them to the aircraft that will be transporting it? Upon arrival at the receiving airport, will the products be delivered to the recipient? Or will you need to make other arrangements to get the delivery to its final destination? Make sure you know exactly how the process is going to unfold before you sign any sort of contract or put down any type of deposit.

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Look For What’s “Under the Hood”

Good transportation delivery companies on the surface are good at what they do in getting a product or shipment from Point A to Point B. But under the hood, they’re often driven by a comprehensive logistics platform that can help streamline efficiency and keep customers updated to the second on exactly where the delivery is while it is in transit. Make sure you ask about what a company has working for them behind the scenes to ensure deliveries get to the airport, in the air and to their destination on time.

Cargo on the tarmac

Delivery Guaranteed?

Like we said, same day air isn’t a service that every provider offers. That said, the providers that do it well stand behind their name and their exceptionalism in offering it. Some even go as far as guaranteeing delivery in the same day to give their customers peace of mind that they’re using the right provider. Can your transportation delivery company guarantee arrival? If they can’t, why can’t they?

Loading cargo


When you’re dealing with a delivery that is extremely important, it’s only natural for you to want it picked up and loaded onto an aircraft as quickly as possible. That said, you want to know how fast the company you work with will be able to retrieve the items — and you want to know what flight they’ll be on en route to their destination. When it comes to expedited delivery, even in the case of same day air, even waiting a few hours for service could be too long in the event of an unscheduled delivery. Does the company you’re working with have drivers standing by to retrieve your items and flights with capacity to deliver them? Or will you be playing the whole “hurry up and wait” game with them?

Man working at a desk with multiple screens

Customer Service

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of how much great customer service can enhance a same day air delivery. Whenever you’re in a bind and need items delivered quickly, there’s bound to be a lot of pressure on your shoulders. Sometimes, having a person to talk you through all the steps and keep you posted on the timeliness of your delivery can make a big difference as it pertains to your overall stress level. Moreover, you, as a customer, should always be able to reach someone to ask a question or inquire about the status of your delivery. Good companies will pair you with one point of contact throughout the process so that you can reach someone easily and quickly, and don’t have to leave messages or play phone tag when you need something — no matter how great or how small.

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For more information on the wide range of benefits of same day air expedited delivery and to learn more about what to look for in a quality partner, contact us today. As a leading transportation solutions company serving customers throughout North America, we take pride in exceeding the expectations of our clients when it comes to fast, same day delivery.

We partner with our clients throughout every step of the process and we won’t stop working with you until your items are delivered on time and in the condition they left their origin. For more information on our same day air services, contact us today.

For more information, please contact us at (800) 604-2511.

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