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Hot Shot Company
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Enhanced & Expedient: Swift, Secure Deliveries From HotShotCompany.com

Expedite Trucking

For critical supplies that need to ship on time, let HotShotCompany.com take care of all your trucking needs.

Whether you're bringing in inputs or shipping out customer orders, deadlines are nothing to take lightly. Your company's future depends on being able to complete deliveries on time, and with HotShotCompany.com, you'll never lack the support you need to do this successfully. We have an extensive fleet of trucks and a dedicated driving and customer support staff, leaving us prepared to complete even the most challenging shipping tasks.

Why Your Company Needs Hot Shot Trucking

Over the lifespan of any company, a wide variety of different shipping emergencies are likely to arise. No matter how careful you are, there is no foolproof way to prevent:

Trucks on the highway

Customer Complications

Some of your clients may demand that you mail out a finished product much more quickly than you usually can, promising to pay extra for the privilege. Even if you decide that the extra payment is worth the challenge, actually completing the order is no simple matter— unless you have a hot shot company to do the job.

Truck loading up in the bay

Supply Shortages

If your ordinary carrier fails to deliver essential supplies on time or you run short of those supplies more quickly than expected, you will need to ship in more to keep production going. Hot shot companies offer the most reliable way to do this.

aerial view of truck on the road in the country roads

Sudden Supply Shifts

In addition to running short on supplies, your specific supply needs may change, especially if you begin making new products or offering new services. The new supplies may have different storage needs or come from a different starting point than your others. A hot shot company will take these differences into account while still getting all your supplies to you on time.


HotShotCompany.com has the experience and resources to address every variety of shipping emergency. We offer next-day, overnight, and same-day shipping, keeping strictly to our schedules while safeguarding your goods en route. With our help, no crisis will be enough to disrupt your business.

Hot Shot Services & Supplements for Customers from All Industries

To ensure value and convenience for all our customers, HotShotCompany.com offers:

  • Critical freight expertise that allows us to handle essential goods of all types
  • Both scheduled services for ordinary shipping needs and unscheduled deliveries for emergencies
  • A fleet of advanced vehicles in key locations across Canada and the United States
  • Multiple pricing tiers to address your budgetary needs

Call (800) 604-2511

Taking Advantage of Tracking Technology

HotShotCompany.com invests in the most advanced tracking devices on the market, using them to keep an eye on our trucks at all times. This has a number of benefits for hot shot trucking. Not only does it allow us to keep you informed on the position of your orders and their ETAs, but it also lets us guide the trucks around closed roads, traffic jams, and other sources of delay. There is thus little chance that your order will arrive any later than projected.

For more information on safe, speedy trucking service with detailed tracking, visit HotShotCompany.com today or call us at (800) 604-2511.

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