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At Hot Shot Trucking, our primary focus is hot shot freight services. It’s right there in our name.

When you need a shipment delivered fast and expedite loads for the last mile of delivery, that is hot shot trucking in a nutshell.

We offer a comprehensive hot shot and expedited shipping service throughout North America. Get started with moving your less-than-truckload freight for your B2B supply chain faster with the services of Hot Shot Trucking.

About Hot Shot Freight

When you are shipping less-than-truckload (LTL) or truckload (TL) freight loads fast, you want hot shot freight. As one of the top hot shot LTL dispatch companies in the US, we have a system in place to get your freight to its destination before its deadline. Our system allows our team to provide you with expedited loads for cargo vans, straight trucks, and heavy haulers in a flash.

Hot Shot Freight

Whether you need to ship construction materials, paperweights, or parts for an oil rig to your shipping customers, we have you covered. At Hot Shot Trucking, we have a team of dispatchers and hot shot freight carriers ready to provide you with your shipping services.

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What to Expect With Express Freight Hauling

Express Freight Hauling Our express freight shipping services cover the gamut in the local, regional, and truckload shipping. Some examples of expedited freight shipping that we offer include:

  • Hot shot loads for a gooseneck trailer
  • Expedited loads for cargo vans
  • Expedited shipping services for businesses
  • Hot shot trucking no CDL for carriers without a Class A CDL
  • Hot shot haulers
  • Hot shot dispatch services

Whether you are searching for hot shot loads or to find loads for pickup trucks and non CDL hot shot loads, our international load board is here for you. Access all of the expedite loads and express freight services your company needs to succeed. Meet and exceed your supply chain goals by providing your customers with the shipping deliveries they demand.

Benefits of Our Hot Shot Freight Company

Hot Shot Freight Services When you go with Hot Shot Trucking, you are working with the most reliable trucking freight company near you to get the best expedited shipping costs available. This means you are able to ship and expedite loads as needed with a reliable and dependable LTL hot shot trucking company leading the way.

By choosing our hot shot freight company as your express freight handlers, you also have access to our extensive shipping services. Along with LTL hot shot freight, we also specialize in air cargo and air charter services. Why? So we can get your freight to its destination on time, every time, and expedited on top of that.

When you require the services of a hot shot freight company, you need to have access to as many shipping methods as possible. Through our comprehensive network, we have all of the shipping modalities in place with trustworthy and vetted shippers ready to handle your quick shipment. We also offer dedicated sprinter vans and full truckload shipping as needed for our expedited freight customers.

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Choose Our Hot Shot Freight Company

Hot Shot Freight Services Get your express freight today thanks to the services of our hot shot freight company.

With the right logistics experts at the helm of your next shipment, you can ship loads quickly with confidence that your delivery will arrive before its deadline.

As a leader in freight expediting, we are ready to show you how Hot Shot Trucking can revolutionize your supply chain scenario.

Contact Hot Shot Trucking today by calling (800) 604-2511 to request a quote on expedited freight services now.