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Hot Shot Delivery (800) 604 - 2511

Experienced Expediting: Rapid & Reliable Deliveries From Hot-Shot-Delivery.com

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Safe and secure ground deliveries from a carrier that has handled every manner of critical freight.

With years of experience across dozens of different industries, Hot-Shot-Delivery.com is prepared to handle all your critical freight needs with ease. We have a fleet of vehicles that can carry even the most fragile items swiftly and safely, as well as drivers who will show you courtesy and your orders care. With Hot-Shot-Delivery.com on your team, even the most daunting deliveries will be easy to coordinate.

Why Experience is Essential for Express Shipments

When it comes to hot shot delivery services, few factors count more than experience. Each industry uses unique goods with specific shipping requirements, and hot shot trucking methods that work well for one set of goods may damage or destroy another. Thus the more experience your carrier has across multiple industries, the better equipped they will be to handle your order safely while still getting it to its destination on time.

Hot-Shot-Delivery.com has years of experience serving hundreds of companies across a multitude of industries. From manufacturers to construction firms to retailers to restaurants, we are well versed in each field’s unique shipping needs and can meet them with ease. Nor does our commitment to safe shipping come at the cost of speed. We can complete our shipments by the end of the next day, the next morning, or even within a few hours on the same day, depending on your needs. No matter how tight the deadline or fragile the goods, we are prepared to handle them.


A Commitment to Quality Service on All Fronts

Speed and safety are only the first steps toward an effective hot shots delivery service. In addition, we offer:

  • Customer Service- Our support team will answer your calls at any hour, updating you in detail on your shipment.
  • Engaged Expertise- We apply our years of experience and extensive training to determine the safest ways to store your goods.
  • Air Assessment- If trucking is not fast enough, we coordinate air cargo shipments to get the job done.


  • Scheduled Service- We offer both scheduled and expedited deliveries to meet your shipping needs under any circumstances.
  • Flexible Pricing- We offer you an array of different cost options so that you can meet your budget without difficulty.
  • Complete Deliveries- We cover every leg of the shipping process, from the starting point to the final destination.

Taking Care of Trucks to Ensure Swift Shipments

Sprinter van with flaming wheels moving fast

Besides our broad array of services, Hot-Shot-Delivery.com maintains a fleet of hot shot delivery vehicles in key locations across Canada and the US. We invest in only the fastest and most efficient trucks and vans, as well as skilled driving teams to operate them. We also subject each vehicle to regular maintenance, making sure that every piece of equipment is up to date and working at full capacity. This minimizes the chance of a breakdown or delay, reduces fuel use, and allows us to get your goods to their destinations as quickly as possible.


For more information on swift shipments from Hot-Shot-Delivery.com, visit our website today or call (800) 604-2511.


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