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From truckloads of perishable fruit to last-minute deliveries of life-saving medical equipment, every industry in the US requires next day freight at some point.

Whether you work in construction, oil mining, medical, military, or retail, your company needs a safe, confident, and consistent provider of next day deliveries.

We offer a comprehensive hot shot and expedited shipping service throughout North America. Get started with moving your less-than-truckload freight for your B2B supply chain faster with the services of Hot Shot Trucking.

About Next Day Freight

Next Day Freight Next day freight involves a logistics plan coordinated by a team of expedited freight specialists. This includes an overnight trucking company and truck driver. However, you also need a next day delivery dispatcher who understands how to best route expedited cargo.

Whether you are dealing with urgent cargo, we have a cargo van, straight truck, truckload, or air charter solution in place to best manage your freight. If you are transporting high-value specialty freight that subsequently also carries a high-security risk, you require the transport services of experts. Let Hot Shot Trucking work as your premiere expedited and next day freight company.

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Types of Next Day Freight Services Available

Typically, the modalities for next day express freight include a mix of ground shipping and air freight services. Here at Hot Shot Trucking, we take care of everything from contracting with the best overnight trucking carrier to getting an air charter for your next day delivery.

Next Day Freight Services

Whatever it takes to get your dedicated less-than-truckload (LTL) or truckload (TL) freight to its destination, we have the tools and resources to make this happen. Protect your business assets and customer responsibility by choosing the right next day freight company. Choose Hot Shot Trucking for your next day freight and expedited cargo needs.

Why Choose Hot Shot Trucking

Next Day Hot Shot Trucking At Hot Shot Trucking, we are more than just an overnight trucking company. We are an all-inclusive expedited freight provider. We offer:

  • Next day delivery
  • Air charter for air cargo
  • LTL freight services
  • Ground shipping services
  • Hot shot express freight services

We have a team of dispatchers and logistics experts ready to support your express freight needs. At Hot Shot Trucking, we connect you with optimal air and ground shipping providers. We make certain your next day delivery get there on time, every time.

Our crew is on the call 24 hours a day, seven days a week including all major federal holidays. This demand for next day delivery is here and we are ready to meet it.

Get your LTL and TL freight delivered via a network of more than 50,000 trucks and capacity for any haul type. This includes:

  • Dry van
  • Cargo van
  • Straight truck
  • Full truckload
  • Expedited trucking
  • Dedicated trucking

We literally have hundreds of Hot Shot Trucking locations nationwide to get your next day freight moving now.

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Select Our Next Day Freight Services

Next Day Freight Service At Hot Shot Trucking, we have offices all across the nation to best serve your needs. Find out more about us to see how our expedited ground shipping and overnight air cargo charter can best serve your business's freight hauling needs.

Now that you understand the benefits of next day freight services for your shipping needs, it is time to take the next step.

Contact Hot Shot Trucking by calling 800-713-1000 to find the nearest location to you. Speak with one of our next day freight company representatives to get a quote for next day freight services. You can also call to request additional information about our urgent freight shipping services.