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Overnight Freight
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Choose Hot Shot Trucking for Overnight Freight Services

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Clients come back to Hot Shot Trucking for their overnight freight services due to the personal service and customized shipping options.

Overnight freight is a popular shipping option for businesses with important deliveries that require a quick turnaround. Selecting Hot Shot Trucking as an overnight freight company ensures that every shipment receives the utmost care and consideration.

What Is Overnight Freight?

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Overnight freight is a shipping service that guarantees delivery by a certain timeframe. Customers can select the right time, whether they need the arrival to be:

  • Early A.M.
  • Noon
  • By the end of business day

Overnight services mean that the transport will pick up the shipment on one day and travel overnight to the next. Overnight trucking is a popular option, but Hot Shot Trucking can also use vans and aircraft to achieve the goal.



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How Do Overnight Freight Services Work?

The way that overnight freight services work depends on the shipment, its origin location and destination. Hot Shot Trucking maintains a dedicated fleet of over 10,000 vehicles of varying sizes and capacity. Customers who need to have an important package delivered to a destination a few hours away may only need a single sprinter van or cargo truck to arrive on time.

Hot Shot Trucking specializes in deliveries of all sizes, which means that complicated shipments receive an equally considerate treatment. For express freight over a longer distance, the overnight freight company may select an aircraft to cover much of the distance. As part of a service providing seamless delivery, a truck waits for the aircraft to arrive. The truck takes the shipment and moves it to its final destination in a timely manner.

What Can Customers Expect When They Schedule Hot Shot Services?

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When people look at the services they might get from a non-dedicated carrier, overnight freight options can get overwhelming quickly.
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By comparison, Hot Shot Trucking offers solutions that are meant to create the perfect solution to a client’s shipping needs. Instead of feeling obligated to get a package ready by a certain time, customers can set the timeline and see which options are available.
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Placing an order can be exceedingly simple, depending on the service needed. Customers call and speak to an experienced agent. They identify what they need to ship and where it must go. The agent considers the best dedicated cargo options and looks at schedules for the fleet of vans, trucks and aircraft. If necessary, Hot Shot Trucking can charter an aircraft for faster service. Customers keep the agent as a single point of contact until the shipment arrives safely and on time.



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Why Does Hot Shot Trucking Use Dedicated Carriers?

There are many reasons that Hot Shot Trucking has such a solid reputation for on-time deliveries, and dedicated trucking is a big part. When people send an important shipment on a truck or aircraft with several other shipments for other customers, they have no idea whose items will take first priority. Waiting for other components to be delivered first can lead to lengthy and even disastrous delays.

Instead, Hot Shot Trucking relies on dedicated carriers for shipments of all sizes. This helps to guarantee a tighter transport interval, and a better estimate of the arrival time. Customers do not have to worry about which package will be delivered first, because theirs is the only one in transit. This gives people the peace of mind knowing that their express freight takes the highest priority.


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How Will Overnight Trucking Shipments Arrive in Time?

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Anyone who has ever waited days for a vital shipment to arrive knows the importance of a timely arrival.

Hot Shot Trucking has made a name in express freight by anticipating likely problems and working around them. Traffic and travel delays due to weather are a part of life, particularly based on location and the time of year.

Overnight trucking services must find a way to see in advance how these delays can affect a shipment and find alternate routes or delivery methods. Hot Shot Trucking provides up-to-the-minute tracking options for customers. That way, people know not only when their package is due to arrive, but where it is in transit.


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What Is the Difference Between Same Day Freight and Overnight Services?

Although same day trucking and overnight freight sound like similar terms, they describe two different shipping timelines. With overnight freight services, customers select a timeline that guarantees delivery by the next day. It is important for clients to note whether the shipment must arrive by the next calendar day or the closest business day. Hot Shot Trucking is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This makes even the quickest turnaround more accessible, even over hundreds or thousands of miles.

Same Day Freight provides a service indicated by the name. Customers who need same day services will select a timeline that allows Hot Shot Trucking to pick up the freight and deliver it on the same day. This service may be limited by distance, especially to remote areas or regions that cannot be easily reached by aircraft.


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Where Can Hot Shot Trucking Transport Overnight Freight?

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Hot Shot Trucking has created a complex network of locations across the United States and Canada. With so many possible locations, almost anyone in the U.S. can take advantage of overnight freight services.

When customers place an order with a Hot Shots agent, they will identify a timeline that they need for arrival. For many deliveries, overnight trucking and delivery the next day is possible.

Distance makes a difference, so there are a few locations in which Hot Shot Trucking cannot guarantee overnight delivery. For example, although the overnight freight company has a location in Hawaii, the fleet may need more than a day to get a shipment from Canada or the contiguous U.S. to Honolulu. Agents have a variety of shipment options available and can select an arrival timeline that works best for an individual client.


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Why Do Customers Choose Hot Shot Trucking for Expedited Cargo?

Trying to coordinate a long-distance or international shipment is a difficult prospect for businesses and individuals. It is even more complicated and risky if the shipment is delicate or must arrive very quickly.

People need to know that their expedited cargo is in the safe hands of Hot Shot Trucking. Dedication to ideal customer service makes a significant difference. Customers like the ease of placing a request for shipment and a guaranteed delivery time they can count on. It allows them to focus on their business instead of worrying whether or not a shipment will arrive as expected and in good condition.

Overnight freight could be a yearly or a daily part of running a business. In either case, customers need an overnight freight company ready to attend to all of their needs. Hot Shot Trucking makes the process easy and stress-free with a fleet ready for service at any time, and agents prepared to schedule a pickup.

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