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Same Day Delivery (800) 604 - 2511

HotShotTrucking.com has long been known as a go-to solution in the energy, construction, and automotive sector whenever they need to ship oversize, over-dimension equipment, often when circumstances demand ASAP delivery.

However, nowhere is it written that Hot Shot Trucking is only for shipping twenty-foot lengths of sewer pipe or monstrous backhoes.


Hot Shot Trucking will come to your rescue whether you're a distributor faced with getting a long overdue back order to a frantic customer, or a regional warehouse manager who has to get twenty-five pallets of key electronic parts to an assembly line forced to shut down operations awaiting its arrival. It's in situations like these that you'll find our same day delivery services are just what the doctor ordered. In fact as your service provider, we'll treat your goods with the same tender loving care befitting of a medical provider — even giving it its own private transport vehicle.

Call HotShotTrucking.com Today, and We'll Deliver Today

For you, satisfying a customer's demand that you get an order to him today may be a problem, but for us it's all in a day's work, the same day's work, that is. When we say we're a same day delivery company that's precisely what we mean.

If you call us early enough in the day, and the distance involved make it possible, we'll get a hot shot truck team to your facility to load your freight aboard its own dedicated vehicle and deliver it before the calendar registers a new day. It's what comes from having a team of focussed and knowledgeable customer service agents who know, from years of experience, how to expedite a shipment - anywhere, any time.


Call (800) 604-2511

When Time is of the Essence, So is Expediting Experience

Our experience in expediting makes all the difference. From the moment one of our customer service agents picks up your call, it's apparent that the expeditor is cool, calm, and collected, no matter how frazzled your end of the conversation may be.

And the amazing thing, or so our customers have told us, our can do, don't worry attitude is contagious. When you leave the matter in our hands, you'll come away with every confidence that your shipment will arrive safe, sound, and on time.

What you won't see, is how quickly we spring into action, beginning to formulate your shipment's itinerary in the time it takes to hang up the phone.


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Hot Shot Trucking's Same Day Delivery Road Warriors

Loading a plane

What you will see a few hours later though, is a truck pulling up to your loading dock to pick up your freight, and start its journey to your waiting recipient. If this appears seamless, it's because it is. In our decade-plus of delivering same day services, we have joined forces with an experienced and vetted network of truckers with the skill and know-how to drive any and every type of delivery vehicle, from sprinter van, to straight truck, to LTL tractor trailer.

Global view of North America, Canada and Mexico

Since they are based in every state of the union as well as Mexico and Canada, there's one within a few hours drive of you, wherever you are. And no matter what type of truck it is, your shipment will be all that's aboard. The use of dedicated vehicles is not only our signature mode of operation, it's our secret to expedited shipping success.

White semi truck

No matter what level of shipping you do with us, your shipment will have the vehicle to itself. Being the sole cargo aboard not only eliminates the need for time-consuming stops to pick up or discharge other people's freight, it insures it won't get lost. And should a long drive be involved, there will be two drivers aboard to spell each other, so not a moment will be wasted on extended rest stops.

Hot Shot Trucking Will Drive It There the Same Day

Sometimes it's impossible to drive a shipment to its destination within a day. These are cases where either the distance involved is too far to cover in a day, or the customer doesn't call us until later in the day. Our agents never make promises they can't keep. But they will seek another way to get it there — by air.


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Same Day Air Delivery Services

With your budget in mind, your agent will inquire to see if any of the freight carrier airlines we engage from time to time have any scheduled flights going to the airport nearest your urgent destination. If they do, and there is room aboard, he will secure a space for it, but only after contacting you with a price quite and getting your okay.

Should there be no scheduled flights heading to that area, or if there are, no room aboard, the agent will suggest chartering a plane to get it there on its own. Again, only after you are aware of the expense involved, and have given him the go-ahead. But no matter, whether you're consolidating your cargo on a scheduled flight, or chartering a plane for it, we will arrange for a truck to pick it up at your facility, drive it to the airline's loading area, and make sure it gets aboard. And of course, your agent will see to it that another truck and driver are waiting at the other end of the journey to deliver it safe, sound, and within the same day, to the relieved person awaiting it.

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Keeping You in Mind

Globe tracking

Whoever said out-of-sight, out-of-mind never had to sit and await word of the progress of their urgent same say delivery cargo. The same might be said for the originator of no news is good news. Hot shot trucking knows you won't rest assured until you get word that your shipment has physically arrived at its destined facility.

That's why we have invested in the latest in satellite tracking technology, and freight management software. Whether it's traveling in the air, or on the ground, they allow our agents to always have a handle on the goods you've entrusted to us, so they can give you timely updates. In the off-chance that they detect any obstacles that might slow down the trip, such as air traffic, storms, road construction, or vehicle accidents, your agent will put his expediting experience to work, and quickly devise a back up plan he can go with immediately.


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Please Keep Us in Mind

Man using computer

We know you won't need same day delivery services every day, or even, at all. But if the dice fall as they sometimes do, and you find yourself in need of a same day delivery company that has everything lined up — dedicated agents, a network of at-the-ready drivers, and reliable safe vehicles, not to mention airline company connections, please keep us in mind. Our ten years of experience will serve you well.



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