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We Get Your Business Freight to Its Destination in the Fastest Way Possible Using Expedited Carrier Services.

As a North American freight service provider, The Expedited Freight Company aims to bring the highest levels of logistical services to the trucking industry.

Having express carrier services on demand is vital for businesses of varying industries, including oil and gas, electrical, construction, chemicals, machinery, and packaging. Knowing that there is a freight expedited company available during business hours, whether they have day or night operations, allows a business to quickly schedule freight delivery at any time to meet tight deadlines. The Expedited Freight Company has developed the exceptional logistical strategies that commercial businesses need to keep functioning efficiently.

We know every business has different freight shipping needs. Contract and component manufacturers may have just-in-time operations as they require express delivery for works-in-progress and finished components that must reach other shop locations. Construction companies may request long haul trucking services for industrial equipment that has to get to development projects, renovation projects, and different work sites throughout the state. Even oil and gas companies will have emergency freight that must get to facility floors that same day. Due to these factors, we've developed comprehension transportation options that are suitable for every expedited cargo obstacle that a company may have to face.

Whether a company requires air freight transportation combined with last mile delivery services, or needs hot shot expedited services for same day delivery, we got the logistical menu options that guarantees the fastest services, depending on the distance, throughout the United States and Canada. 

Expedited Freight


Your freight needs to be delivered immediately. The faster, the better. Our Expedited Freight services offer priority shipping to warehouses, manufacturing floors and other business locations anywhere across the country.

Our Expedited Freight solutions can provide both hot shot trucking and air cargo options to get shipments out on the road for same day, overnight and next day drop off.

Select this option when you have emergency or urgent freight that must get sent out to its destination immediately with 2-hour pickup requirements.

Hot Shot Trucking


We have over 10,000+ vehicles stationed across the country to pick up any size freight load at any commercial location.

Obtain the fastest point-to-point ground cargo service, 24/7 availability, and real-time tracking solutions from an expert hot shot delivery company.

Whether you have expedited LTL or full truck loads, our dedicated carrier will provide a vehicle for the customer's exclusive use. Fill up the truck or van with as much or as little freight as required. Only the customer's shipment will be transported at that time to ensure a nonstop trip until reaching the destination.

Air Freight


Have your shipment take to the skies with our Air Freight services. We coordinate the entire process, from arranging our drivers to pick up the shipment to take it to the airport to coordinating the shipment arrival with local air carriers to get your shipment loaded up for the flight.

Can't wait for a scheduled flight? Then let us arrange for a dedicated Air Charter to exclusively fly your emergency freight and late shipments out. We'll also handle the final expedited delivery service. So a customer doesn't have to contact truck brokers in different state to pick up the freight from the airport. We are there to do all the work.

Same Day Delivery


Time critical and time sensitive freight can benefit from our same day delivery services.  We will use the fastest logistical strategies possible to get the emergency freight out on the road or up in the air and to the specified location. With Same Day Delivery, we will move freight no matter the size or destination.

We offer same day delivery as well as overnight freight delivery if the shipment has to get to the commercial operations before the business opens in the morning. Our expedited carriers are located in cities across the country to offer impeccable and dedicated trucking services.

Full Truckload


Full truckload shipments can be difficult to handle. They must be placed on the right size vehicle that can handle bulky and heavy cargo, while having the shipment transported in the safest and fastest manner possible. Turn to our Full Truckload expedited service solutions.

Our express carriers will be dispatched immediately to get your shipment securely loaded onto the vehicle.

Then our drivers work as a cohesive team to get the shipment across the state or to the other side of the country. We will even have driving teams transporting the freight as the drivers will take rest shifts in the truck to minimize the number of stops that the vehicle has to make.

Benefits to Dedicated Trucking for Emergency Freight

Companies can have a hard time keeping operations running while trying to make supply chain changes to handle high profile and emergency freight shipments. For this reason, commercial businesses turn to the Expedited Freight Company. Our hot shot freight solutions are tailored to our customer's needs.

Around the world, technology is making rapid changes to the business landscape as corporations are investing in the equipment, software and components to provide products and services to other companies and the public. Even as more business is conducted over the Internet, the one thing that never changes is that companies require freight to be sent to operations to provide supplies to workers, equipment for production runs, and even raw materials for processes.

The Expedited Freight Company

The Expedited Freight Company sets itself apart from other hot shot carriers by offering the best-in-class logistical services to a wide range of industries. We rely on a team of dedicated agents and drivers working together to provide the highest levels of satisfaction to our customers. There isn't a logistical hurdle that we can't handle.

In addition, we also invest in the latest technologies to provide the fastest express shipping work to commercial companies. With comprehensive tracking equipment, real time alerts and logistical planning software, we can map out the right routes for our drivers to take when transporting a customer's shipment. We always know where your freight is located and can make changes instantly so that the vehicle keeps driving down the road without any delays.

Customers are also enthusiastic with our customer service solutions:

  • When they contact the The Expedited Freight Company, they partner with one of our agents who will dedicate their in-depth Expedited Freight Services knowledge and expertise in providing the customers with the best solutions to fit their delivery schedules and supply chain processes.
  • The agent will be available whenever the customer needs them, day or night, as they won't stop providing work until the shipment is at the delivery destination.

Also, we will provide the trucking quotes and most cost-effective services for company budgets. A customer will not have to worry about receiving a surprise fee because we performed cross docking or transfers with other logistical firms. Instead, we perform all the express freight transportation service and never pass off the job. This strategy ensures that our customers will get the best services for the entire transportation process.

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Let Us Get Your Commercial Shipment Out On the Road

Whether you desire air freight services, long haul trucking work, or same day carrier solutions, the Expedited Freight Company will provide the drivers, hot shot trucks, agents and logistical air carrier partners to handle any size shipment. Our services are perfect for just-in-time manufacturing schedules, lean operations, warehouse and distribution centers, construction yards and business offices.Dedicated Trucking Emergency Freight

Reach out to our agents right now so we can begin the process. We will go over every possible shipping option that we can offer to provide you with the best solution that is appropriate for your operations. Then we spring into action immediately to get to the pickup location to load up the freight. Afterwards, our drivers will go directly to the destination, or to the airport if the freight is taking a scheduled flight or a booked charter flight. We will handle the truck dispatching, invoicing, real time alert actions, and answer customer questions. You will always talk with a real person every time that you call our company.

When a pallet of freight appears at the manufacturing plant, or a late shipment has to go from the warehouse to a retail location, The Expedited Freight Company will be there to lend a hand with our priority freight shipping services. We are revolutionizing the transportation and logistical industries by providing the cost-effective and sound strategies to get any shipment, anywhere, in the United States and Canada in the fastest time.

Contact The Expedited Freight Company today to learn more about our same day, overnight and next day freight services tailored for B2B companies. When replacement equipment has to get to the shop floor, or finished products have to get to the warehouse to fill depleted shelves, our drivers will get the shipment to its destination.

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