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Louisiana's Transportation Plan To Benefit Hot Shot Trucking Industry

By Dan Boaz | Jan 16, 2018

After years of discussion and debate from countless stakeholders, Louisiana is starting a new infrastructure project. Governor John Bel Edwards unveiled a $600 million plan to improve the state’s highways. Focusing on widening Interstate 10, this plan will be a boon to Hot Shot Trucking and other transportation companies that traverse the state.

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Nationwide Trucking Sector Waits for Approved Transportation Bill

By Dan Boaz | Feb 11, 2015

Perhaps the elephant in the room when we think about the nationwide trucking industry is the overall condition of the infrastructure of our national transportation network, not just for today and tomorrow but especially over the years to come. The dependable ground transportation of freight both locally and via interstate trucking is at the heart of our economy's success and

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Could 'Value Capture' Work for Road Infrastructure Spending?

By Dan Boaz | Feb 2, 2015

The question of Infrastructure spending is a major debating point in the media and corridors of power these days which it certainly should be. Funding for the nation's highways, bridges, tunnels and roads is of great importance and becoming a hot button issue for politicians and adminstrators both on the local and national level.

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