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Trucking in general and Hot Shot Trucking specifically is an integral part of the energy industry in Northern Alaska but the last two months historic flooding has impacted the region severely. In fact the only road that provides access to Alaska's North Slope oil fields had been completely closed for a number of weeks.

Relief has finally arrived as state transportation officials announced that the Dalton Highway has at last reopened. The primary cause for road closure was extensive flooding of the Sagavanirktok River which had resulted in freight being moved in or out of the region by road becoming impossible, during this period all freight and supplies have had to be flown into the far North.

The Dalton Highway is a unique but crucial artery for the industry stretching more than 400 miles from Fairbanks to Deadhorse, a town that has become synonymous with the oil industry. While the road closure has put added strain on logistics, air freight support has enabled the industry to continue to maintain production levels. Seasonal flooding in the area is common, but officials who have long been associated with the area have seen nothing like this in more than three decades.

Hot Shot Trucking Alaska

While the highway has reopened, many sections are in poor condition due to the damage with uneven road and narrower access than normal. Improvements to the Dalton Highway are scheduled to commence this summer raising the road by as much as seven feet to help combat events like those seen this year.

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