Few industries, if any, are as tightly interwoven as hot shot trucking and the energy industry throughout North America. In the ongoing pursuit of new sources for oil and natural gas, time is very much part of the equation.

Unlike other workplaces there is no turning the computer off at 5pm on a Friday afternoon for the weekend, the energy sector is a constantly moving industry that is very reliant on hot shot deliveries (urgent freight) to ensure that a vital part or piece of equipment or machinery arrives as rapidly as possible to ensure operations don't have down time. The entire industry requires the best in timely support from the urgent freight and hot shot transportation companies to keep a well-oiled machine ticking over if you'll excuse my pun.

Hot Shot Trucking energy industry

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All of this taking place then in an economy that has recovered slowly in fits and starts since the recession and yet in part of Texas and other expanding energy/hot shot trucking regions there's more work than there are hours in the day. For example in El Paso, Texas a local recruitment company for the oil and gas companies holds a recruitment fair for urgently needed workers every couple of weeks. After each recruiting session dozens of workers head off to the oil centers of Midland and Odessa, typically including truck drivers and diesel mechanics who are both in great demand. Such measures are necessary in an industry where any type of shutdown or even slow down due to a lack of equipment or labor being in the wrong place has dire consequences in efficiency, costs and production.

Locally there aren't enough skilled workers to fill the needed roles which results in sourcing from other cities, the 'boom' element sounds like something from the California Gold Rush of the 19th century and yet it's taking place today, as close to a modern-day equivalent as you're ever likely to see. The work is skilled and the hours extremely demanding which also adds to retention being an issue with drivers and mechanics being asked to work as many hours as they can manage, with that comes the opportunity to make more money but exhaustion can be a factor in such a frenetic industry.

Nationally the trucking industry is currently estimated to be short some 35,000 drivers, an issue that impacts national trucking companies and hot shot trucking companies too.

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