For Expedited and Hot Shot Trucking across and through northern Louisiana, the region is heavily reliant on Interstate 20 which crosses the upper section of the state from Vicksburg, MS across to Shreveport, LA. Heavy freight travels daily along the highway either to or from Dallas or back east towards Alabama, Texas or Florida.

Hot shot trucking Louisiana interstate 20Keeping I-20 in good condition is critical for the commerce of the state and region and according to the state's DOT the interstate is one of the better-maintained roads in the state. At a time when we find ourselves frequently writing about funding and maintenance issues across the nation's highways, it's a stark contrast to read about the recent improvements on I-20. 

A new report in the NE Louisiana News-Star quotes the DOTD as saying that the vast majority of the interstate's 110 miles within the state have seen major improvements and renovations recently. Within the past six months, the state has completed many ramp repair projects in eastern parishes along with a completely new five-mile stretch just outside of Shreveport. 

Although the state receives about $670 million in federal road funding less than 15 percent of that total is reserved for interstate costs. With that said the state report that the condition of I-20 is above the typical national average with a series of additional projects slated to be completed through 2018.

Shreveport image © Bruce Bordelon


For expedited trucking and hot shot trucking this is welcome news but a recent study out of Texas projects that commercial vehicle traffic on I-20 is set to increase by 70 percent over the next five years with many calling for the urgent funding of an additional lane in each direction to accommodate this growth.

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