A very warm welcome back to the Hot Shot Trucking blog at the end of the working week as we get closer to Spring, yes it really is coming. It's a good time for another regular look at the issues that matter in the trucking sector whether it be hot shot trucking, urgent freight, nationwide trucking companies and the oil and gas production industry sector that we support. You can also read volume one and two if you missed them, for the briefs below you can click on the red link(s) to read more in each summary,

Truckers are getting younger according to an interesting piece published this week. A new study shows that as driver shortages countinue to mount and a large portion of an aging workforce retire there is stronger than normal recuitment for younger drivers to fill positions. The American Transportation Research Institute shows 55.5% of drivers are 45 or older, while 20.5% are younger than 35. Read much more at Arkansas Online

While oil prices seem to be holding solid above $60 per barrel of crude compared with dips as low as $45 in January, the industry continues to see the number of active rigs decrease week by week. What is perhaps not written about as extensively is that fewer rigs don't equate to lower production in 2015 as this article by CNBC explains. Projections for 2015 output remain upward as scaling back rigs is primarily a cost-cutting exercise by the oil companies. 

Shell meanwhile demonstate that cost efficiency will remain a priority with a large stake investment in Welldog - a specialist in gas sensing technology. Read more at Oil & Gas Technology

Ohio is the latest state to see oil discovery and fracking legislation reach the high courts.The states supreme court has ruled that local zoning laws can't be used to override the authority of the state itself when it comes to oil and gas drilling.

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Finally today I encourage you to take a visit to Sean Kilcarr's blog for Fleetowner.com. This week seems him attending the 2015 Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) annual meeting and reporting back what he's observing. While the technology is capturing his attention the largest concern for the sector is of course the driver shortage and he writes this week about the growing urgency to find a solution. (Today's featured photograph was from TMC 2015 - with thanks to ttnews.com

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