One of the largest concerns on the horizon for the nationwide trucking industry remains a growing national shortage of drivers and a new study further demonstrates that there are no signs of the problem diminishing soon. The new report compiled by HireRight reinforces the statistics that show the industry is poised to be short more than a hundred thousand drivers over the coming decade.

Root causes for the driver shortage are usually attributed to the facts that many drivers permanently left the industry during the last recession, that there are additional regulations within the industry and a serious shortfall in attracting younger drivers to replace an older workforce.

Nationwide trucking companies HireRightThe study shows that freight revenues are anticipated to grow by more than 50 percent during the next ten years and the current shortage of drivers is in the vicinity of 35,000 and continues to grow. The difficulties in recruitment are surprising in an economy that still has issues considering that entry level jobs pay in the region of $35,000 to $40,000 per year but attracting new candidates is a struggle.

All of which doesn't overlook that the career choice means extended time away from home and, of course, the physical demands of the job. Meanwhile, the industry is seeking improved methods to not only recruit but also retain experienced drivers who frequently leave the sector after working within it for perhaps five to ten years. The turnover rate, which is studied by the American Trucking Association, demonstrates that the consistent loss of skilled drivers continues to deplete the workforce.

The need for trucking companies to find solutions that attract and keep good drivers will be crucial to the success of the industry over the coming years and will also play a significant part in dictating the cost of moving freight across the country.

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