fter waiting for months, the full details of the Federal government's proposed transportation bill were finally announced this week. Now begins what will surely be a spirited debate to see if the bill can receive the support it needs to pass into law before the impacts of a currently underfunded program began to take deeper hold.

The outline calls for an investment of $317 billion in the roads and bridges across the nation in addition to a further $115 billion earmarked for mass transit solutions and upgrades all over a six-year span. It will be interesting if the source of the funding receives more scrutiny than the plan itself as the program would be funded by a one-time levy of a 14% tax on overseas corporate earnings by American companies. While the need for a national highway spending plan looms large it seems very likely that the biggest debates will focus on the revenue source as opposed to the level of funding required and the details of the proposal.

Hot shot trucking highway spending
Interstate 78, New Jersey | Image credit Loretta Killian

The current funding for the Highway Trust Fund ends next month so the next four to six weeks will attract large-scale attention from the nationwide trucking industry, business leaders in general and of course elected officials back in Washington D.C.

With such a short window to agree to a long-term solution being passed it will be fascinating to see what levels of negotiation are reached that will afford the national transportation infrastructure to receive more than another temporary funding extension. Of course, we'll be watching for breaking news as anxiously as all involved in the sector and will bring you the latest on the Hot Shot Trucking blog.

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