At Hot Shot Trucking, we are extremely active supporting business within Texas and handling loads in, out and through the Lonestar State. Urgent freight delivery across the giant state requires the planning and logistics expertise of professional expeditors to help your load reach its destination when scheduled.

Hot shot trucking services TexasWith a population of 27 million and approximately 19.5 million vehicles registered in Texas, congestion is a serious matter that we seek to overcome every day. An annual study by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute takes a closer look at the most congested traffic corridors across the state and it's a fascinating read.

The study looks at over 1,750 traffic hot spots across the state separated into twenty-five different regions and ranks them based on annual congestion providing comprehensive data about the average delay per per year along with the typical delays to trucking for each corridor. In addition the study assesses the annual cost per year in each section studied and it makes for a very interesting read. You can even use the map to look at the key trouble spots for traffic in each city, county or region. 

The top twenty bottlenecks in Texas are concentrated in Harris County (Houston) with ten, Dallas County seven, Tarrant County (Fort Worth) two and Travis County (Austin) one. The top twenty are shown on the table below and provide valuable thought-provoking data. Our thanks to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute for compiling such important information. 

Hot shot trucking Texas congestion


As a part of the Expedited Group of Companies, here at we take immense pride in providing best in class effective and reliable Hot Shot Trucking Services across North America. You can rely on us to consistently provide unrivalled service and dedicated support for all of your Hot Shot Trucking needs. Please call us today at (800) 713-1000 to learn more.


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