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Expedited Freight
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Welcome to Hot Shot Trucking. We offer expedited freight services including same day delivery.

Heavy load on a truck

Do you need to get your heavy equipment or machinery moved to another location stat?

Are you searching for an expedited freight company to transport your urgent freight? Hot Shot Trucking delivers on expedited freight each and every time. Our practical and affordable expedited cargo services also include same day air and next day delivery for variable delivery schedules. Get started with expedited freight services by Hot Shot Trucking today.

What is Expedited Freight?

Begin by understanding what is expedited freight to determine if this is the right shipping mode for your company or current cargo. If you need to move less than truckload (LTL) cargo of 100 pounds up to 10,000 pounds in a day or two, this involves expedited freight services. You will require both expedited ground freight and expedited air freight services to manage this speedy delivery. However, expedited freight can also apply to a full truckload of freight that needs to move across multiple continents.

Choosing an Expedited Freight Company

Trying to coordinate multiple points of logistics and transportation for freight is already a challenge. When you add in the need to get your freight delivered either next day or overnight, this factors in a very short lead time. To be able to manage this requires a team of expeditors in ground and air freight services.

Typically you need a combination of ground freight services involving dry vans and box trucks for LTL and truckload (TL) shipping along with standard air freight and air charter. In addition, you will have to source freight rates in an attempt to get the most affordable rates for your company. If you lack the capacity to handle expedited freight shipping, it is time to contact the expedited freight experts.

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Benefits of Hot Shot Trucking Services

North America network

Here at Hot Shot Trucking, we specialize in expedited freight and logistics. Our network is extensive throughout North America and internationally. We have a nationwide fleet of 10,000 sprinter vans, cargo vans, and expedited freight trucks. This includes having an active network of expedited freight forwarders ready to assist you throughout the US, Canada, and Canada.

Customer support agent

Our team is ready to assist you at any time. We mean that literally as our freight forwarders work with expedited freight companies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your expedited freight does not take a holiday so we don't either.

Single point of contact man at computer screens

Yet even though you are working with an international network of freight expeditors, you will not be overwhelmed by the process. Why? It's simple — we offer a single point of contact. Your expedited freight is managed from pickup to delivery with our white glove services. As a single point of contact, you only deal with one person whenever you have questions about your cargo.

Truck loading up at bay

More importantly, we dedicate that point of contact to your account. Every time you need to utilize Hot Shot Trucking or next day delivery via overnight, your dedicated expeditor will already have an understanding of your cargo needs. Save yourself the time and hassle of trying to coordinate one-off expedited freight shipping. Go with the most comprehensive provider and let Hot Shot Trucking serve as your preferred expeditor.

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Choose Hot Shot Trucking for your expedited freight company and improve the way you manage expedited critical freight. Call Hot Shot Trucking today to get a quote on shipping. You can also fill out a quote form online for expedited freight rates.

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