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You’re looking for a dedicated freight company that fully understands and appreciates the importance of urgent freight delivery – whether your full truckload of urgent freight needs to travel 75 miles this afternoon or an important industrial part requires hot shot transportation across the country. You require a partner that will deliver on time each and every time supported with professionalism and expertise. All of your goals can be met by


Here at Hot Shot Trucking we work in the same industries as you and realize just what it takes to provide winning results. The effective transportation of urgent parts and machinery is exactly what we specialize in; dedicated freight, urgent freight, direct LTL freight and overnight transportation are the hot shot loads that we manage daily. Our comprehensive delivery network covers all of the USA and Canada and our fleet of drivers and logistics experts are ready to help you today.


For industry leading hot shot services that support the energy, automotive and construction sector look no further than Our success it tied to your success and we welcome the opportunity to provide our services via our fleet of expedited trucks, sprinter vans, flatbeds and full truckloads.


To find out more and receive a detailed quote please call 800-713-1000 or complete our quick contact form to get started. We look forward to providing you with the best in hot shot trucking services.

Reliable Freight Services

Your daily business success and your client’s is 100% dependent on productivity, meeting deadlines and production schedules allowing you to provide full operations around the clock 365 days a year. As a leading provider of hot shot trucking services we understand this better than most. We possess the industry specific know-how and are positioned to consistently provide the perfect blend of reliability, 24 hour support and the proven results that help to make your business successful.


Led by founder Dan Boaz, our entire team is committed to ensuring that your hot shot freight is picked up and delivered on time, handled with care, delivered safely and professionally monitored throughout that process. Our team of drivers, logistics experts and shipping support all work together to provide you with the critical updates you’ll need plus full access to the information from the moment we take on a job. We appreciate that this industry is reliant on time-sensitive freight therefore our expeditors are available to you around the clock to cover every step of your urgent load delivery.


Our flexible services will pick-up, hold or deliver hot shot freight specifically according to your schedule and our continuous support and comprehensive tracking system mean that you’re never in the dark regarding the current status of your urgent shipments.


We’re ready across North America; from Texas and the deep South to the oilfields in the Dakotas or Canada, urgent freight shipments on both coasts, or priority industrial shipments throughout the Midwest. We certainly hope you’ll give the opportunity to serve you.