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Trucking Sector Sees Healthy Growth in May

By Dan Boaz | Jun 22, 2016

Welcome news for the trucking sector saw a healthy increase of 2.7% in for-hire truck tonnage for the month of May across the United States. A promising month of growth on the back of two straight months of small decreases.

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Top Ten States for Growth in Manufacturing Jobs this Decade

By Dan Boaz | Jul 22, 2015

Since the end of the recession, one of the indexes that we watch closely for the hot shot trucking sector specifically and the economy, in general, is the growth of manufacturing within the United States. Improvements in the manufacturing, construction and retail sectors each help growth in the demand for urgent freight and hot shot services.

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2014 Saw New Record Revenues for U.S. Trucking Industry

By Dan Boaz | May 22, 2015

A recent report released by the American Trucking Association as part of their 2015 "American Trucking Trends" revealed that the nationwide trucking industry saw good growth in 2014 reaching an all-time revenue peak of just over $700 billion

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