As the site where the tow truck was first created, Chattanooga's legacy is tied to logistics.

The city is home to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum and the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame, both of which pay homage to transportation's impact on Chattanoogans and all Tennesseans. Hot Shot Trucking keeps that legacy alive, providing quick, quality deliveries into, out of, and across the city.

Hot Shot Trucking In Chattanooga, Tennessee

Hot Shot Trucking Chattanooga Besides being the birthplace of the tow truck, Chattanooga is also a thriving economy, thanks in part to its strategic location. The city sits at the crossroads between Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee, making it a central trading hub for much of the American South. On top of this, Chattanooga is a manufacturing center, producing cars, processed foods, chemicals, electronics, and numerous other valued goods. These products have to be shipped across the United States, requiring clear roads and effective transportation.

Hot Shot Trucking is committed to keeping roads clear and transportation quick and reliable. We have extensive experience operating in Chattanooga, as well as in Tullahoma, Cleveland, Dalton, East Ridge, Lynchburg, and other nearby towns. We also have a long history serving manufacturers, making us well suited to work with Chattanooga’s many advanced factories.

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To provide the highest level of service to these and other customers, we offer:

  • Quick Pickups - Hot Shot Trucking has trucks and coverage in Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville, and other locations throughout the United States and Canada. No matter where you’re shipping from, we will have a vehicle ready to pick the order up within 2 hours. We will then head directly to Chattanooga, finishing the delivery as quickly as possible.
  • Quality Vehicles - The Hot Shot truck service team keeps all of our vehicles in pristine condition, making repairs whenever they are necessary and installing new technology on a regular basis. We are thus able to increase speed, lower prices, and reduce the risk of accidents and delays.
  • Team Driving - Instead of placing a single driver in each truck, we assign teams of two to all vehicles that must cross long distances. We require the drivers to take turns between resting and driving. In this way, we keep the vehicle on the road until delivery while avoiding the safety risks of fatigued driving.
  • Vehicle Dedication - When you place an order, we will choose a vehicle to serve you specifically rather than lump your cargo in with someone else’s. This means that nothing will stand between the pickup point and your destination, dramatically lowering the length of each Hot Shot delivery. To keep the cost of these dedicated deliveries low, we match your order to a vehicle with comparable payload size, choosing sprinter vans for small orders, straight trucks for larger ones, and tractor trailers for the largest shipments. | Chattanooga, TN

Hot Shot Trucking Services in Chattanooga

Hot Shot Trucking is committed to giving you all the information you need at every point in the order. This starts by providing free freight quotes and ends with trucking updates whenever you request them. For more information on Hot Shot services in Chattanooga and beyond, call (615) 970-7100 or visit our website today.

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