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When you have business-to-business or B2B vital freight, you have to find a freight transportation solution fast.

Here at Hot Shot Trucking, we offer expedited trucking and expedited freight services including air charter and full truckload.

We follow your freight throughout the logistics channels with our premium white-glove care. Each time you need to expedite freight, choose our comprehensive suite of expedited trucking services. Start with this overview of what you can expect to find when selecting Hot Shot Trucking as your preferred expedited trucking company.

Dedicated Sprinter Van Shipping

Dedicated Sprinter Van Shipping For urban deliveries in busy metro areas with tight streets and heavy traffic, we recommend dedicated sprinter van shipping. For the most efficient local and regional expedited freight hauling services, a dedicated sprinter van is quicker than a dry van truck or tractor-trailer.

Plus, these smaller hot shot trucking providers are less regulated by the Department of Transportation. That means there are fewer limits on the number of hours a driver can operate the van in a day. For your hot shot deliveries and expedited freight services, this is the ideal solution.

Dedicated Carrier and Dedicated Trucking

Dedicated Carrier and Dedicated Trucking When you use our dedicated carrier services, your freight goes from the loading dock to its destination with no stops via our dedicated trucking fleet.

Since your cargo goes with a dedicated truck, there is no slowing down for other stops along the way. This saves our customers money while ensuring cargo arrives on time, every time — even when managing expedited hauls.

Full Truckload Expedited Freight

Full Truckload Expedited Freight If you are moving large and heavy freight that requires a full truckload, we have the hot shot trucking services for you.

A full TL shipment is 24 to 30 pallets and has a gross vehicle weight of 80,000 pounds. We offer dedicated truckload and expedited TL services for our customers.

Air Cargo and Air Charter

Air Cargo and Air Charter Our customers utilize our extensive expedited freight services throughout North America. This includes expediting your cargo in and out the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Our air cargo capabilities include scheduled air freight. Most often we use Air Cargo aircraft to handle next-day and two-day air freight.

This gets your expedited cargo to its destination more rapidly than when choosing a dry van truck or dedicated sprinter van for freight. Along with air cargo, we offer premium air charter services. Charter an airplane to receive dedicated and expedited shipping today.

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Why Choose Hot Shot Trucking

At Hot Shot Trucking, we serve as your B2B vital freight premium provider. Our dependable expedited freight services take charge of every resource to get your expedited cargo delivered as promised. We use all of our resources in our extensive network to provide you with the best expedited cargo solution.

This includes providing these shipping modes for our shipping customers:

  • Dedicated Sprinter Vans
  • Full Truckloads
  • Straight Trucks
  • Air Charter Services

A combination of ground freight transportation and air cargo capabilities gives you the greatest advantage in hot shot deliveries. Let our freight expeditors show you just how fast our ground and air services can solve your B2B vital freight needs.

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Expedited Trucking

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