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Federal Highway Plan Should Benefit From Two Week Funding Extension

By Dan Boaz | Nov 17, 2015

With the deadline for approval of the federal transportation bill fast approaching and an agreement yet to be found the trucking industry will welcome news that transportation funding will be extended for two weeks until December 4th. This extension will hopefully improve the likelihood of the new bill being adopted and eliminate the risk of federal funding being frozen.

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Top Ten States for Growth in Manufacturing Jobs this Decade

By Dan Boaz | Jul 22, 2015

Since the end of the recession, one of the indexes that we watch closely for the hot shot trucking sector specifically and the economy, in general, is the growth of manufacturing within the United States. Improvements in the manufacturing, construction and retail sectors each help growth in the demand for urgent freight and hot shot services.

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Study Explores True Cost to Vehicles From Damaged Roads and Highways

By Dan Boaz | Jul 9, 2015

e find ourselves frequently writing about the importance of investment in transportation infrastructure and the economic impact of congestion and highway issues nationwide. A new study actually analyzes the true cost to an average driver due to damaged road surfaces.

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