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Hot Shot Trucking Green Bay, WI
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Hot Shot Trucking Service Green Bay: Delivery Solutions To Keep Your Company On Top.

Known to many as Packerland or Tiletown, Green Bay, Wisconsin is instantly associated with industry. This city of just over 100,000 rose to prominence as the center of major packaging operations, and continues to play a prominent role in this industry, particularly with meatpacking. But Green Bay has also expanded into a range of other industrial and manufacturing fields. Thanks to the many leading universities in the area, easy access to Lake Michigan and other important trade routes, and the city's innovative, business-friendly culture, Green Bay has no trouble remaining prosperous and dynamic in the face of any economy.


Hot Shot Trucking’s Streamlined Process

Woman wearing a headset

Single point of contact

Work with the same expeditor during your shipment’s entire process–no annoying call centers!

shipment-to-vehicle matching system

We carefully match the size and weight of your shipment to the right vehicle.

Vetted & exclusive carriers

We work with vetted, experienced carriers, so you get one vehicle for the entire delivery process exclusive.
Package with a location icon above it

real-time monitoring & alerts

Our GPS tracking technology lets us know exactly where your shipment is at all times.

Types of Vehicles


Hot Shot Trucking Green Bay

Bridge in Green Bay

We've spent years getting to know Green Bay's supply needs and assembling a massive network of affiliated trucks and drivers across the country.

With resources and knowledge like these, we're able to hit the ground running the moment you fall short of something. We'll have your essential items to you before you know it so you can swiftly get back to business as usual.

Green Bay Delivery Solutions

Shoreline in Green Bay

The challenge for companies in Green Bay is that they all have to share a relatively limited amount of road space to obtain supplies from distant areas of the country, many of which have to arrive on tight schedule.

This is hard enough to do under the best of times— and with Wisconsin's weather, it's often the worst of times! A harsh snowstorm can easily disrupt your delivery, leaving essential items stranded on the road until the weather clears and snowplows make it out to that location. Add in the high levels of traffic congestion in the Badger State and there's a significant risk that your most important supplies never make it to you.


HotShotTrucking.com confronts that risk head-on and overcomes it, providing easy access to supplies no matter what the roads look like. Our skilled coordination team develops a foolproof plan for every delivery and uses the resources necessary to ensure that plan goes off without a hitch.

HotShotTrucking.com | Green Bay, WI

Wisconsin flag

HotShotTrucking.com makes sure Green Bay's ambitions never get ahead of its supplies. As a hot shot trucking Green Bay broker, we coordinate expedited shipping services into the city, and thereby prevent local companies from running short on the inputs they need for further success.

HotShotTrucking.com offers free quotes, delivery time estimates, and all other information you need to decide if our services are right for you. For more information, call (414) 973-8000 today.

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