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Known to many as the Rose Capital of America, Tyler’s claim to fame is its booming flower industry.

Tourists come from across America to see the town’s beautiful rose garden, while local flower processors ship roses to every corner of the country. Hot Shot Trucking provides the logistics necessary to grow and distribute such roses for all who enjoy their beauty.

Hot Shot Trucking in the Rose Capital of America

Hot Shot Trucking Tyler In addition to being a major site of rose production, Tyler also specializes in a range of other lucrative industries. The city is home to a number of innovative manufacturers, producing everything from pipes to air conditioners to heat pumps to ceramics. It also hosts countless educational, research, and medical facilities. All of these industries have extensive shipping needs, and many require unique carriers that can handle delicate or perishable items.

Hot Shot Trucking is just such a carrier. We operate in Tyler proper as well as in Nacogdoches, Gladewate, Longview, Terrel, and other towns in the region. Having long worked with manufacturers, healthcare facilities, and a range of other industries, we are well equipped to serve Tyler’s many producers, including its flower firms.

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We ensure each of these industries has access to rapid, reliable shipping through:

  • Trucking in Teams - When we fill a long-distance order, we assign teams of two drivers to each truck. One driver must then rest while the other is at the wheel; the two alternate on an equal basis. The truck can thus remain on the road night and day without any added risk, allowing us to delivery flowers and other perishable products while they are still in good quality.
  • Dedicated Driving - Besides dedicating two drivers to each vehicle, we dedicate a truck to each customer. This means that we will not have to reach any other destinations before we get to you, cutting down on detours and shipping times. It also allows us to install specialized shipping equipment with ease— no small matter when transporting perishable items such as flowers.
  • Constant Contact - Whenever you need information on the location of your shipments, we are happy to provide it. We offer free quotes before you place a delivery, and will answer your questions, give you status updates, and take new instructions once the order is en route.
  • Connecting the Continent - Hot Shot Trucking has a fleet of 10,000 vehicles in states and provinces throughout the US and Canada. This means that no matter where the starting point is, we are likely to have a truck no more than 2 hours away. We will pick the order up within those 2 hours and head straight for your destination.

Tyler, TX | HotShotTrucking.com

Hot Shot Trucking Tyler, Texas

Hot Shot Trucking has sprinter vans, straight trucks, and full tractor trailers in its fleet, allowing us to match a vehicle to the size and storage needs of your order. We repair and upgrade all of our vehicles diligently, and strive to keep cost, delivery times, and environmental impact to a minimum. For more information on our services in Tyler and throughout Texas, call (512) 828-7766 or visit our website today.

Call (512) 828-7766