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Flood Damaged Bridges, Roads in West Virginia Receive Emergency Funds

By Dan Boaz | Apr 7, 2016

Historic flooding across West Virginia at the end of last month has resulted in significant damage to many roads across the state but urgent repairs have already begun. Overall costs for needed repairs are estimated to be in the region of $40 million and the Federal Government has kicked in emergency relief funds of $5 million thus far.

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The Mid-America Trucking Show Begins This Week in Louisville

By Dan Boaz | Mar 30, 2016

This week sees the return of one of the biggest events on the annual trucking calendar as the Mid-America Trucking Show takes place in Louisville, Kentucky. Industry professionals, manufacturers and affiliated companies across the trucking industry will be present in huge numbers at the Kentucky Exposition Center.

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Rhode Island Details Proposed Truck Tolling Locations

By Dan Boaz | Jan 8, 2016

In an effort to increase funding for state highway projects in Rhode Island, the introduction of tolling for trucks in the state for an extended period of time. Almost two years after the proposals were first introduced the Rhode Island Department of Transportation has now provided a comprehensive list of locations that are being considered for the addition of toll gantries.

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