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Dealing With Natural Disasters: How Highway Closure Impacts Hot Shot Trucking California

By Dan Boaz | Jan 23, 2018

Natural disasters can disrupt any industry, but their impact is particularly serious for logistics companies. The recent mudslides in California are a powerful case in point. By blocking Highway 101, one of the Golden State’s most important roadways, this environmental crisis has diverted trucks from their usual routes. This has significantly increased the cost and difficulty of completing hot shot freight deliveries, hampering the economy of the entire state.

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Infrastructure Initiatives: Louisiana's Transportation Plan To Benefit Hot Shot Trucking & The Trucking Industry

By Dan Boaz | Jan 16, 2018

After years of discussion and debate from countless stakeholders, Louisiana is starting a new infrastructure project. Governor John Bel Edwards unveiled a $600 million plan to improve the state’s highways. Focusing on widening Interstate 10, this plan will be a boon to Hot Shot Trucking and other transportation companies that traverse the state.

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US Trucking Industry hauls record $726 billion in freight in 2015

By Dan Boaz | Aug 16, 2016

2015 was a remarkable year for the US trucking industry which saw it set a new record by hauling freight worth in excess of $726 billion over the twelve months. The latest data is provided by the American Trucking Association (ATA) and signals back-to-back years that freight value has exceeded $700 billion.

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Mercedes-Benz to move sprinter van construction to USA

By Dan Boaz | Aug 2, 2016

At Hot Shot Trucking we frequently use fast and reliable sprinter fans to transport your urgent freight from state to state. The cargo capacity of sprinters matches up well with a few pallets or other suitably sized freight. We always match your urgent freight to the ideal vehicle to bring you the best value and transit time possible.

Mercedes-Benz Vans USA has begun construction of

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Trucking sector sees healthy growth in May

By Dan Boaz | Jun 22, 2016

Welcome news for the trucking sector saw a healthy increase of 2.7% in for-hire truck tonnage for the month of May across the United States. A promising month of growth on the back of two straight months of small decreases.

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Hot Shot Trucking in Arkansas will benefit from new Interstate 57

By Dan Boaz | Apr 26, 2016

Encouraging news for hot shot trucking, our national freight network, and the trucking sector, in general, comes from Arkansas as approval to designate U.S. 67 as the 'Future I-57' has been forwarded. According to reports the Fiscal Year 2017 Transportation

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Flood damaged bridges and roads in West Virginia receive emergency funding for repairs

By Dan Boaz | Apr 7, 2016

Historic flooding across West Virginia at the end of last month has resulted in significant damage to many roads across the state but urgent repairs have already begun. Overall costs for needed repairs are estimated to be in the region of $40 million and the Federal Government has kicked in emergency relief funds of $5 million thus far.

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The Mid-America Trucking Show begins this week in Louisville

By Dan Boaz | Mar 30, 2016

This week sees the return of one of the biggest events on the annual trucking calendar as the Mid-America Trucking Show takes place in Louisville, Kentucky. Industry professionals, manufacturers and affiliated companies across the trucking industry will be present in huge numbers at the Kentucky Exposition Center.

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2015 sees record sales for Class 8 and Class 5 trucks

By Dan Boaz | Feb 5, 2016

2015 saw a strong year overall for the trucking sector and we witnessed the same in the hot shot trucking market with demand building throughout the year. The year-end numbers from ACT research also reveal that the long haul freight market for trucking continues to be in good health.

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Rhode Island details proposed truck tolling locations

By Dan Boaz | Jan 8, 2016

In an effort to increase funding for state highway projects in Rhode Island, the introduction of tolling for trucks in the state for an extended period of time. Almost two years after the proposals were first introduced the Rhode Island Department of Transportation has now provided a comprehensive list of locations that are being considered for the addition of toll gantries.

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Nearly one in four bridges deemed deficient nationwide

By Dan Boaz | Jan 4, 2016

The overall condition of our nation's infrastructure is a key consideration for the transportation sector and naturally for everyone involved in providing hot shot trucking services. Safe, reliable and properly maintained highways and roads play a vital part in the on-time delivery of urgent freight and all goods and materials throughout the United States.

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Hot Shot Trucking in Arkansas & Louisiana would benefit from new bridge construction

By Dan Boaz | Dec 10, 2015

Hot Shot Trucking companies always welcome significant road improvement projects which enable us to deliver hot shot freight rapidly and reliably. A new project near Arkansas City would be a great step forward for truck traffic in Southern Arkansas and Northern Louisiana.

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Federal highway plan should benefit from two week funding extension

By Dan Boaz | Nov 17, 2015

With the deadline for approval of the federal transportation bill fast approaching and an agreement yet to be found the trucking industry will welcome news that transportation funding will be extended for two weeks until December 4th. This extension will hopefully improve the likelihood of the new bill being adopted and eliminate the risk of federal funding being frozen.

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Alabama and Florida long-term transportation project details released

By Dan Boaz | Nov 6, 2015

Within the hot shot trucking sector, it's always encouraging to read about major road improvements, in this case along the Gulf Coast region which aids in the reliable transportation of hot shot freight. The Florida-Alabama Transportation Planning Organization have announced that transportation improvements required in the region will total about $2.4 billion in cost but also stated that critical improvements in the two states' bordering counties of Escambia and Santa Rosa county will be given top priority.

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Detroit highway repair project plans to minimize trucking impact next Spring

By Dan Boaz | Oct 15, 2015

Few parts of the nation have transportation links as crucial to the hot shot trucking sectors as the highways around the metropolitan Detroit area. For the automotive industry, the dependency on the regional transport routes is absolutely vital throughout Oakland County.

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Daimler Trucks investment in new R & D facility signals trucking sector health

By Dan Boaz | Sep 17, 2015

Beyond freight statistics and economic indicators one of the other methods to gauge the health of the hot shot trucking industry along with full truckload services and trucking in general is investment. With that in mind the recent news that Daimler Trucks North America have confirmed that an $18 million investment will be used to improve their research and development operations that are based in Madras, Oregon.

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Interstate 65 reopens after lengthy bridge repairs

By Dan Boaz | Sep 9, 2015

Good news for Hot Shot Trucking services and all interstate trucking companies as a critical interstate bridge in Indiana reopens after a month of closures. We previously wrote about the bridge on our sister blog at fulltruckload.com soon after the problems began in early August.

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The top 20 congested roadways in Texas

By Dan Boaz | Aug 28, 2015

At Hot Shot Trucking, we are extremely active supporting business within Texas and handling loads in, out and through the Lonestar State. Urgent freight delivery across the giant state requires the planning and logistics expertise of professional expeditors

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Rig count inches upward improving demand for hot shot trucking services

By Dan Boaz | Aug 25, 2015

While it's been a troubled ten months for the oil and gas sector in terms of prices there does, at last, seem to be some indications that the steady reduction in active rigs is coming to a close for the first time in more than a year. In fact, last week showed the number of active gas and oil rigs in the U.S. increasing for the fifth straight week.

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Future extensions to Interstate 27 in Texas would benefit hot shot trucking sector

By Dan Boaz | Jul 24, 2015

A proposal for a brand new extension to Interstate 27 in the oil country of Texas could be approved soon which will provide outstanding improved transportation options to the central part of the state heading north or south. The city of Big Spring voted unanimously to further a resolution backing the potential extension of Interstate 27 through the city, primarily along the current confines of Texas Highway 87.

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Top ten states for growth in manufacturing jobs this decade

By Dan Boaz | Jul 22, 2015

Since the end of the recession, one of the indexes that we watch closely for the hot shot trucking sector specifically and the economy, in general, is the growth of manufacturing within the United States. Improvements in the manufacturing, construction and retail sectors each help growth in the demand for urgent freight and hot shot services.

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The Canadian Trucking Show takes place this weekend in Winnipeg

By Dan Boaz | Jul 16, 2015

The demand for hot shot trucking is heating up for the summer and for the energy sector and for oil field support trucking that applies in Canada as well as the United States. This weekend sees one of the largest trucking events taking place north of the border as the Canadian Trucking Show is set to take place in Winnipeg, Manitoba on July 18 & 19.

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New study explores true cost to vehicles from damaged roads and highways

By Dan Boaz | Jul 9, 2015

We find ourselves frequently writing about the importance of investment in transportation infrastructure and the economic impact of congestion and highway issues nationwide. A new study actually analyzes the true cost to an average driver due to damaged road surfaces.

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ATA results show a stronger May for the trucking sector

By Dan Boaz | Jun 29, 2015

2015 continues to show stable to good results for the trucking sector along with the economy and this was mirrored by the latest tonnage results from the American Trucking Association. The May report showed an increase of 1.1 percent in the seasonally adjusted for hire truck tonnage which represent a good recovery from the 1.4 percent loss seen in April.

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Approved highway funding bill in Iowa is welcome news for Hot Shot Trucking

By Dan Boaz | Jun 17, 2015

The Iowa Transportation Commission (ITC) has just approved May's proposed Iowa Transportation Program that was submitted by the IDOT. The approval is welcome news for those in the Hot Shot Trucking and Expedited Freight markets as the state of Iowa

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Dalton Highway reopens for oil field trucking to Alaska's north slope

By Dan Boaz | Jun 9, 2015

Trucking in general and Hot Shot Trucking specifically is an integral part of the energy industry in Northern Alaska but the last two months historic flooding has impacted the region severely. In fact the only road that provides access to Alaska's North Slope oil fields

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2014 saw new record revenues for U.S. trucking industry

By Dan Boaz | May 22, 2015

A recent report released by the American Trucking Association as part of their 2015 "American Trucking Trends" revealed that the nationwide trucking industry saw good growth in 2014 reaching an all-time revenue peak of just over $700 billion

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For Hot Shot Trucking in Louisiana I-20 remains critical to transport freight

By Dan Boaz | May 18, 2015

For Expedited and Hot Shot Trucking across and through northern Louisiana, the region is heavily reliant on Interstate 20 which crosses the upper section of the state from Vicksburg, MS across to Shreveport, LA. Heavy freight travels daily along the highway either to or from Dallas or back east towards Alabama, Texas or Florida.

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New study highlights growing driver shortage facing nationwide trucking industry

By Dan Boaz | May 5, 2015

One of the largest concerns on the horizon for the nationwide trucking industry remains a growing national shortage of drivers and a new study further demonstrates that there are no signs of the problem diminishing soon. The new report compiled by HireRight reinforces the statistics that show the industry is poised to be short more than a hundred thousand drivers over the coming decade.

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EIA published list of top 100 U.S. Oil and Gas Fields

By Dan Boaz | Apr 28, 2015

The hot shot trucking industry is especially active in supporting the energy sector throughout North America delivering urgent equipment, machinery and freight to locations that in many cases are far off the beaten track or a day's drive or more from the point of origin.

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Lack of funding could lead to new port crisis on East coast

By Dan Boaz | Apr 22, 2015

While the nationwide trucking industry was focusing on the now resolved West coast port dispute throughout the end of 2014 and during the opening months of 2015 a different but still important port issue is being faced on the opposite coast. The Port of New York and New Jersey ranks third in total tonnage nationally and set a new record cargo mark in 2014 but is struggling to manage increasing volume due to an over-stretched infrastructure.  

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U.S. DOT Freight Index shows small drop in February

By Dan Boaz | Apr 13, 2015

As part of our news rotation on the Hot Shot Trucking blog, today sees the addition of a regular review of The Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI). Officially compiled by the United States Department of Transporation, the TSI information is released with

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New road project in Tucson will benefit trucking, local business and region

By Dan Boaz | Apr 7, 2015

From time to time on the hot shot trucking blog we spotlight regional transportation improvements that can make a substantial difference to commercial growth along with hot shot trucking, urgent freight, and nationwide trucking operations. Today the focus turns to Tucson, the second largest city in Arizona, and the announcement

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Six year national highway spending bill proposed, but will it pass?

By Dan Boaz | Apr 2, 2015

fter waiting for months, the full details of the Federal government's proposed transportation bill were finally announced this week. Now begins what will surely be a spirited debate to see if the bill can receive the support it needs to pass into law before

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Hot Shot Trucking News update volume four

By Dan Boaz | Mar 25, 2015

Welcome back to the Hot Shot Trucking blog as we take another look at some of the industry news you can use across the trucking sector. Whether it be hot shot trucking, urgent freight, nationwide trucking companies or the oil and gas production industry sector here are some recent stories that merit more exploration

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ATA and 37 other organizations urge Congress to pass highway funding bill

By Dan Boaz | Mar 19, 2015

We're gradually heading toward a funding crisis for our national road transportation network which will impact all nationwide trucking companies to varying degrees. A very clear and pointed message has been sent by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) and a coalition of 37 other organizations to Congress expressing that the lack of an extended highway bill has dire potential consequences for the industry and the economy.

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National transportation 25 year safety plan is challenging but crucial

By Dan Boaz | Mar 13, 2015

This week saw the rollout of the most ambitious strategy ever created by The National Strategy on Highway Safety and it will surely be warmly welcomed in all quarters in the spirit of its objectives. The program is titled 'Toward Zero Deaths' and the plan is woven into a series of measures relating to

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New highway should ease traffic near Las Vegas for interstate trucking companies

By Dan Boaz | Mar 5, 2015

Good news for nationwide trucking companies who transport freight to, from or via Las Vegas sees the imminent groundbreaking for a new stretch of highway that should hugely relieve an infamous bottleneck in Boulder City. For traffic heading into

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Top 10 underfunded states for federal highway funding per capita

By Dan Boaz | Feb 26, 2015

As we've written before the nation is rapidly heading towards a crisis in lacking infrastructure funding and specifically to the nationwide trucking industry some huge shortfalls in highway spending. Like many other metrics however not all states are equal with the potential for issues looming much larger in some states than others.

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Hot Shot Trucking News update volume three

By Dan Boaz | Feb 20, 2015

A very warm welcome back to the Hot Shot Trucking blog at the end of the working week as we get closer to Spring, yes it really is coming. It's a good time for another regular look at the issues that matter in the trucking sector whether it be hot shot trucking, urgent freight, nationwide trucking companies and the oil and gas production industry sector that we support. You can also read volume one and two if you missed them, for the briefs below you can click on the red link(s) to read more in each summary,

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New study projects encouraging 5 year growth for nationwide trucking sector

By Dan Boaz | Feb 16, 2015

One of the most encouraging reports that we've read so far this year should boost confidence throughout the trucking sector in terms of future planning. The report has been compiled by the Market Research Store following analysis of many of the largest firms in the industry and

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Nationwide Trucking sector waits for approved transportation bill

By Dan Boaz | Feb 11, 2015

Perhaps the elephant in the room when we think about the nationwide trucking industry is the overall condition of the infrastructure of our national transportation network, not just for today and tomorrow but especially over the years to come. The dependable ground transportation of freight both locally and via interstate trucking is at the heart of our economy's success and

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Safety of nationwide trucking industry under Senate spotlight

By Dan Boaz | Feb 9, 2015

Nationwide trucking companies are consistently looking to improve their overall safety record and data supports that there have been very positive strides in that direction in the industry. Nevertheless the focus seemingly remains on highlighting the exceptions to the rule when incidents happen to what is overall a safer than ever industry, rather than spotlighting the investment and commitment to safety that is ongoing.

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Could 'value capture' work for road infrastructure spending?

By Dan Boaz | Feb 2, 2015

The question of Infrastructure spending is a major debating point in the media and corridors of power these days which it certainly should be. Funding for the nation's highways, bridges, tunnels and roads is of great importance and becoming a hot button issue for politicians and adminstrators both on the local and national level.

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Nebraska's booming trucking sector still has obstacles to overcome

By Dan Boaz | Jan 30, 2015

Most observers of the nationwide trucking industry and hot shot trucking would be quick to acknowledge Texas as being the core of the interstate trucking sector. Based purely on the number of drivers, vehicles and companies operating in the industry

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How will crude oil prices impact rig activity in the US this year?

By Dan Boaz | Jan 26, 2015

It comes as no surprise to learn that the major decline in oil prices over the last four months is having an impact on overall drilling activity but contrary to many predictions this doesn't automatically equate to lower levels of oil production for 2015 in the United States.

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Nationwide Trucking sector boosted by final 2014 ATA tonnage results

By Dan Boaz | Jan 21, 2015

It's a pleasure to write about the final 2014 data concerning truck tonnage from the American Trucking Association that was just released. The new report shows that the seasonally adjusted For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index remained at 136.8, matching the November high water mark for 2014 which also happened to be an all time record.

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I-70 expansion funding in Missouri & impact to trucking industry uncertain

By Dan Boaz | Jan 16, 2015

Nationwide truckers who regularly travel across the state of Missouri on Interstate 70 may be facing tolls in the future. A study for the Missouri Department of Transportation has suggested that making the route a toll road is probably the best option for the state to enable it to make needed improvements to the highway.

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Hot Shot Trucking News update volume two

By Dan Boaz | Jan 12, 2015

Welcome back to the latest edition of Hot Shot Trucking news, our regular look at the issues that matter in the world of hot shot trucking, urgent freight, nationwide trucking companies and the oil and gas production industry sector that we support. We'll cover some of the stories that you may have missed as we examine news, data and trends that impact the industry overall. Our first edition if you missed it is here and you can click on the red link(s) to read more in each summary.

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U.S. Crude oil production projected to grow in 2015

By Dan Boaz | Jan 8, 2015

The rapid decline in crude oil prices seen recently has led many observers to wave red flags about an impending massive reduction in domestic oil production, a sector that is greatly reliant on hot shot trucking services. However when reviewing recent data released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports show that crude oil production in the United States is projected to grow during 2015.

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Huge highway project in Illinois sees higher tolls, improved highways

By Dan Boaz | Jan 6, 2015

Outside of the Northeast corridor and California no part of the nation sees as much heavy truck traffic as the upper Midwest particularly Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. If your journey has ever included greater Chicago you'll know that the highway infrastructure in Illinois is already stretched to its limits. For hot shot trucking and urgent freight avoiding delays is a critical component in customer satisfaction.

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2015 to bring changes and challenges to domestic energy sector

By Dan Boaz | Dec 31, 2014

The dawning of a new year traditionally brings hope, optimism and a list of resolutions each of which I share especially for the continued economic recovery nationwide. However within the domestic oil and gas sector which is serviced so effectively by hot shot trucking companies like ours, 2015 commences with a certain degree of uncertainty.

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Top 10 nationwide trucking congestion locations

By Dan Boaz | Dec 22, 2014

The importance of on time freight delivery is of course a critical concern for all nationwide trucking companies and even more so for a hot shot trucking company like us. Urgent freight and hot shot loads are vital to ensure that the nations industries can maintain full operational effectiveness and receiving parts and equipment on time can often mean the difference between reaching targets or missing them.

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US Energy production results reinforce the value of hot shot trucking

By Dan Boaz | Dec 17, 2014

In addition to continuous good news on the employment front domestically, surely the largest economic story during the second half of this year has been the decreasing cost of fuel due to barrel prices now significantly lower than they were back in the summer. The truth is that this is the result of a uniquely American success story, reliant on technology, policy plus dedication and hard work throughout the domestic energy sector in exploring new sources that have driven production consistently upward. All of these results are in no small part very reliant on dependable hot shot trucking services allowing key equipment and parts to be delivered urgently to locations in the energy field.

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Trucking sector optimism for 2015 key finding from GE Capital survey

By Dan Boaz | Dec 10, 2014

As we enter the final weeks of the year and look ahead to 2015 its very encouraging for the nationwide trucking industry to see the latest quarterly survey that has been conducted by GE Capital that targets middle-market trucking firms. A sense of cautious optimism seems to be the prevailing mood within the national trucking sector.

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US Chamber of Commerce & Trucking sector announce plans to hire 100,000 Veterans

By Dan Boaz | Dec 3, 2014

The vast majority of news concerning the nationwide trucking industry in recent months has tended to center on the national shortage of drivers against an economic backdrop of growing orders and increased tonnage being shipped. Across the industry experts are predicting a shortfall of drivers unlike anything seen in recent decades so it's welcome news that the American Trucking Association has laid down a commitment to hire some 100,000 veterans within the trucking industry and its members.

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Hot Shot Trucking News update volume one

By Tim Merrick | Nov 7, 2014

Welcome back to the HotShotTrucking.com blog for our latest update. Every few weeks we'll be bringing together some of the news that impacts our industry whether it's reports about hot shot trucking, nationwide trucking companies or the energy sector domestically. We'll be taking a wider look at the hot shot industry and trucking issues across North America. Consider these updates a starting point to access some of the developments, data and reports that shape the industry in terms of urgent trucking, overnight freight, hot shot loads, domestic oil and energy production, company reports and changes that are worth keeping informed about.

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Long term planning needed to build secure future for trucking, transportation and the economy

By Tim Merrick | Nov 3, 2014

The overall importance of trucking, nationwide trucking companies, heavy haulage and hot shot trucking is never underestimated in terms of keeping the country working and our goods, equipment and resources delivered throughout the land. Therefore it never ceases to amaze me that the very foundations of trucking, our national highways, bridges and infrastructure all too often don't receive the long-term planning and investment that is so urgently required. What isn't in question that trucking is the oil within the engine of our economy and Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx says the United States urgently needs a long-term highway and infrastructure bill and I couldn't agree more.

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Energy industry and Hot Shot Trucking in Texas create modern day boomtowns

By Dan Boaz | Oct 28, 2014

Few industries, if any, are as tightly interwoven as hot shot trucking and the energy industry throughout North America. In the ongoing pursuit of new sources for oil and natural gas, time is very much part of the equation.

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Nationwide trucking news: Could driver shortage be fixed by changing stereotypes and thinking?

By Tim Merrick | Oct 23, 2014

Welcome to the very first post on our blog at hotshottrucking.com. You'll now find regular blog updates both here and on our other websites within The Expedited Group of Companies as we look at the industry where we work, the news and developments that affect our industry and some of the trends and reports that matter to those interested in hot shot trucking, hot shot freight, urgent freight, trucking and transportation in general.  Let's get rolling.

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